Pinterest has been one of the best sources of Wedding inspiration for Brides for more than a decade, with its seemingly endless albums of styling, gowns, jewellery, recipes and etiquette – so when they tell us something’s trending, you can rest assured, it’s BIG.

This week, Pinterest released its top 8 Wedding trends by determining its best performing Wedding pins and this is what they are.

1. Unplugged Ceremonies

There has been a whopping 600% increase in Brides saving pins related to ‘unplugged ceremonies’.

 2      Image from McLachlan Studios.

2. Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Whether they be in different styles, or completely different colours, searches for mismatched Bridesmaid dresses has gone up 50%.

5Image from Keshia and Daniel’s Wedding. Photography by Gianluca Adovasio.

3. Food Trucks

Because, yum!

3Image from New Jersey Bride.

4. Honeymoon Funds

For those couples who are interested in the traditional gift registries and don’t need 100 toasters and salad bowls.

6Image from Ashley and Jason’s elopement. Photography by Pierre Torset.

5. Toss Bars

This is an interesting one! Toss bars are mini stations that guests can create their own signature mix of ‘confetti’ to throw on the Bride and Groom. It can include bowls of glitter, sequins and petals in all the colours of the rainbow.

8Image from Something Turquoise.

6. Alternative Seating

Getting creative with the seating is a huge trend this year! Searches for circular seating in particular is up 60%.

9Image from Rachel and Brad’s Wedding. Photography by Nadine Saacks.

7. Relaxed Timelines

More casual programs for the Wedding reception is becoming a popular choice, with Brides printing the schedules on palettes and chalk boards instead of the traditional thick card.

7Image from Invitations By Dawn | Image from Paige Jones Photography

8. Alternative Wedding Cakes

From frozen slushies to cheese cakes and everything in between, 2016 is the year of the alternative Wedding cake!

1Images from James and Irene’s Vow Renewal. Photography by Micahla Wilson.

Image from Samantha and Aaron’s Wedding. Photography by  Image Haus Weddings.

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