There’s Now A Tinder For Baby Names

The best part about being pregnant is eating whatever you want and spending hours trawling through Nameberry to find the perfect baby name. Just kidding! We still do this even when we’re not pregnant, it just feels less productive.

But if you are expecting and in your fifteenth argument with your husband about why Buster is not an appropriate name for a child, then we have the solution for you.

Introducing Kinder, the Tinder of baby names.

You and your partner download the app and begin to swipe through every name under the sun. It’s right swipe for yes, and left swipe for no. When you both swipe yes on a name, you will be notified and the name will be added to your shortlist. Kinder has over 18,000 names from all over the world in their library. You can also search for names of a particular origin or gender.

The concept is similar to the original dating app, but instead of going to a swanky bar and sipping on an espresso martini while doing your pretty laugh, you get Chinese takeaway and sit on the couch talking about why his Mother is not allowed in the delivery room.

Happy swiping folks!

Written by Sarah Mourtos

Feature image via @luanasilva

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