There is finally a way to delete a text message AFTER you’ve sent it

if you’ever ever regretted sending a text message after you’ve hit the send button, you’re not alone!

And you’ll be pleased to know there’s a way to get rid of it before anyone has read it! Whatsapp is rolling out an update allowing you to edit or completely delete a sent text message. Magic!

delete sent message

Image via E!

As long as the person hasn’t yet seen the sent message (i.e. The blue double-tick of doom), you can completely remove or edit what you’ve sent.

However, there;s a slight twist … the other person on the receiving end will be able to see an ambiguous notification which readsĀ “the sender revoked the message”. ..better than seeing your potentially humiliating/embarrassing/regretful message, right?!

They’ll never know!

So with Valentines Day coming up and those potentially shameful drunk texts going out, you may be able to save yourself from utter regret!




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