It’s the stuff of nightmares. One week until you walk down the aisle and Mount Everest has erupted on your face. Unfortunately it’s a proven fact that the moment you need to look your best (ie. first dates, family photo shoots, big work meetings), your body likes to wreak havoc on your skin.

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If this happens to you, fear not. We’ve spoken with Trumps Spa Manager, Dianah Todaro, who has given us her insider secrets on instant pimple reduction.


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Don’t Squeeze

I know, it’s hard not to take your frustration out by squeezing the life out of the red spot; but Dianah warns against this action. She says, “If you’re not trained in extractions, you’ll more than likely cause more breakouts, bruise yourself and cause a scab or scar”.4

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Miracle Cream

Most skin experts have their go-to product and for Dianah, Payot’s Pate Gris is it. “The best thing to do is invest in a small pot of this $43 miracle cream. The secret formula by Dr. Payot works while you sleep to help make the pimple disappear from the very next morning. If it’s a really stubborn pimple, then apply it regularly throughout the day (Pate Gris can also be used on ingrown hairs)”.



Dianah says it’s all about being strict with your routine. Start every morning with a cleanse, tone or mist, Pate Gris (or another concentrated cream), serum, eye cream and then moisturiser. In the evening, cleanse twice, tone or mist, Pate Gris, serum, eye cream and then moisturise.

Twice every week exfoliate (unless the pimple has puss; if it does, skip this step) and apply a mask, before continuing with the rest of the evening skin routine.


Image from Vicky and Peter’s wedding. Photography by Imagehaus Weddings.

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