The Top 5 Things Brides-To-Be Forget To Do After Their Engagement

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, Fairies! You have the perfect fiancé, the perfect engagement ring, and the only thing you have to worry about now is your perfect wedding! *buzz* WRONG!

While we can’t blame you for wanting to get a head start on the wedding-planning chaos, it is important that you take a breath and make sure you don’t miss any vital steps! Here are the top 5 things brides-to-be forget to do after their engagement.

Ring Insurance

Fairies, your engagement ring is the very symbol of your commitment to your partner, and of his commitment to you. Simply by wrapping itself around your finger, it symbolises your love for one another. So, what would happen if your beloved new rock was stolen from your dresser, damaged when falling off the kitchen bench or lost at the beach? Centrestone Jewellery Insurance‘s policy includes worldwide cover for accidental damage, loss and theft, 125% cover of the insured value to cover increases in replacement cost, a guarantee to return to your preferred jeweller, free annual revaluations on the insured items, $50 excess on all claims and instant cover with no waiting periods. Get your instant quote now, Fairies!

Call Those Close To Your Heart

While Instagram tempts you to share the news with all your followers, it is important that you make sure to call those that mean most of you, before you make a big social media announcement. While it may not seem crucial to you at the time, it is a significantly sweet approach that lets those people know they are special to you, and allows you to have proper, heartfelt conversations about the big news. Your Instagram followers and Facebook friends can wait, Fairies!

Enjoy the moment with your fiancé

If your fiancé has popped the question in front of your family and friends, or is keeping them around the corner to surprise you, then by all means – CELEBRATE! But, if his proposal has taken place in a secluded beach, or during your romantic getaway, be aware that he wanted it to be a special moment between the two of you. Before you reach for your phone, make sure you spend some time and savour the moment with your new fiancé!

Get Your Ring Sized 

Let’s be real Fairies, your fiancé could know you better than anyone in the entire world, however various band thicknesses can mean that he has misinterpreted your ring size. What is usually your size, could be a little bit different due to the fabrication of the sparkler. Make sure that if your gorgeous new ring feels (even slightly) loose, you take it in for a resizing as soon as possible! Avoid the stress of it falling off in the middle of the street, or having it slide off in your swimming pool.

Let your emotions run free

While you may be afraid of messing up your makeup for the celebration to follow, or that your runny mascara will ruin the shot of the photographer that’s hiding in the nearby bush, it is important that you let yourself feel every possible emotion. Whether you want to bawl your eyes out, or laugh like a mad-woman, DO IT! It is so much more important that you allow yourself to feel joy, than it is to look picture-perfect!

Congratulations to all our brides-to-be!

Written by: Zoe Kanlis

Featured Image: Instagram

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