The Pros And Cons Of Having A Quick Engagement

When you know, you know. Sometimes it’s just that simple.

When you’ve met The One, dragging out the dating game can be so frustrating. You love him, he loves you, what more do you need? You certainly don’t need more time to get to know each other; you just want to hurry up and make it official.

For any lovebirds out there who know they’ve found the partner of their dreams, you might be considering popping the big question very soon. If you have found yourself in this position, we’ve gone to the trouble of listing all the pros and cons of a quick engagement, so that you can see if it’s the right decision for you.

Remember, although jumping straight to an engagement has worked, and will continue to work for some people, it isn’t for everyone, so make sure you really, really, think this one through.


Pro – You Don’t Waste Any Time

When you’re absolutely head-over-heels in love with your partner, and you just know that you want to spend the rest of your life together, it can be pretty difficult to stay in the same place that you’re in. If you can’t see yourself with anybody else, what’s the point of delaying something truly beautiful? If you fit into this box, then pop the question already!


Con – Family Thinks You’re Rushing

No one knows you as well as your own family. You might think there’s no one else for you, but what if your family disagrees? They might see you rushing in to something that can be difficult to get out of, and they only ever want the best for you. If you’re family thinks this is all happening too soon, maybe don’t go out looking for an engagement ring just yet. Wait it out a little bit longer, and hopefully your family will come around and see what you were on about.


Pro – Share More Moments

Marriage is an incredible thing, and when you and your partner share your lives together, there are so many more special moments you get to witness together. Distance won’t separate you, family can (sort of) back away now, and you’ll be around each other more often to experience all the highs and lows. We just know that for some of our couples out there, this is a pro that is really getting you excited.


Con – How Well Do You Really Know Each Other?

If you’ve only been dating for a few months, how much do you really know your partner? Chances are that you haven’t gotten to spend enough time with each other alone, so there’s bound to be so many things that you just haven’t learnt yet. Sure, you can continue to learn more about them during your engagement period, but if you decide post engagement that they’re not quite the one for you, then it’s a pretty expensive relationship to break. Think of all the money that would be wasted on the ring and on the engagement party. An engagement isn’t something you should enter lightly.

Pro – Keeping With Traditions

For some of our Fairies, there are cultural and religious rules that are important and need to be upheld when it comes to dating and marriage. While they’re not necessarily important to everyone, there are some of you that hold these traditions dear to your heart, and going against them just wouldn’t be you. Maybe you and your partner are both ready for children, but you want to be married first. If that’s your belief, and if you know you’re ready to start a family, then marriage is clearly not something you need to shy away from. For any of out traditional ladies out there, a quick engagement is certainly for you.


Con – Lose Time To Discuss The Real Questions

If you move your relationship to another, more serious level, without giving it enough thought, you risk losing precious time to discuss some important questions. Again, you can ask all of these questions after your engagement, but that isn’t exactly ideal. What if you’re three months deep into planning your wedding when you find out that he doesn’t want any kids, where you want five? Or maybe your plans for the future are drastically different to his. These are the sort of questions you need to figure out early on, and if things get rushed, you might miss out on the opportunity to properly explore both of your wants and needs.


Written by Hanan Merheb

Cover photo by: @jamiebergandiphoto

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