The Skin Treatment Every Bride Should Have Before Her Wedding

If there’s one thing every bride wants to achieve on her special day, it’s radiant, glowing skin! Healthy skin tends to make all the difference when it comes to your makeup and photos on your wedding. We all know that for makeup to look impeccable, you need to have a great canvas to start with.

We spoke with Rachael from luxury skin clinic Rachael Louise Medispa who recommended every Bride should have this one treatment to get her skin prepped and glowing before the wedding, and that’s Skin Needling.

“Skin needling is a must treatment for all Brides and Grooms as it stimulates the production of your natural collagen, promoting healthier and plumper skin, giving you a fresh glow for your big day,” Rachael told Wedded Wonderland.

“Depending on where you have this treatment (just face or with the body)  it can take between 20-60 minutes. We have the latest device on the market at our clinic which allows us to perform the actual treatment in around 20 minutes with the least amount of discomfort.”

What to know more about this glow-enhancing skin treatment? Keep reading!

So, how does skin needling work? “Through controlled trauma to the skin. The device causes tiny micro-wounds to the skin stimulating a wound healing response from the deeper layers of the skin which then results in new skin. We then apply a calming peptide mask to help heal the skin quicker. The beauty of skin needling is that it is great for all skin types helping to treat scarring, stretch marks, pigmentation and great for general skin rejuvenation for the skin helping to prevent the signs of aging.”

How many treatments should a Bride have before her wedding?
“This would really depend on their main concerns and what they are wanting to achieve so its best to discuss during a thorough consultation, but we would recommend doing”it at least three times before your big day.”

When should a bride-to-be start skin needling? “At least 12 weeks before her wedding.”

There you have it Fairies, visit Rachael Louise Medispa to get started on your glowing skin routine today!

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