Wedding planners (aka wedding coordinators or Organisational Queens or even life savers) can make the planning of your big day a whole lot easier. In fact, a wedding planner could be the key to your perfect wedding.

You might think that planning a wedding is as simple as choosing a pretty dress and fancy invitations, and then perhaps ¬†attending cake and food tastings. But when it comes down to it, it’s not quite that easy. Planning a wedding involves a lot of multitasking and thinking ahead.

If you’re someone who always does things at the last minute, we can’t recommend a wedding planner enough! They are also ideal if you are a busy career woman or mother who might not have the time to spare.

So what can a wedding planner do for you? Common services include:

Weddings planners are experts at what they do, so by using them, you’re instantly tapping into their knowledge. This can often help you save time, stress and even money. They might also stop a few of those emotional breakdowns with their super organised ways. We definitely think they’re worth the cost!

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