Hair extensions have a bad reputation. That dream of looking like Rupunzel has time and time again ended in girls looking like they stepped out of Wayne’s World. Not the best look for your wedding day right?

But for brides now, hair extensions have had a makeover. With advances in technology and the correct application, they are now a great asset for brides. Creating extra volume, length and texture, they can help you achieve that dream wedding day style.

We spoke to leading hairdresser, Pierre Haddad, to find out everything you need to know. With his expert advice, you’ll be rocking those long tresses in no time!

What are the benefits of hair extensions?
The benefits of hair extensions is having the hair you’ve always wanted and spent most of your life trying to grow in just over an hour. Hair extensions take short hair and make it long, thin hair and make it thick and flat hair fuller.

How far in advance before your wedding day should you have your extensions done?
I always recommend that my clients come in two weeks before their wedding day.

This allows them to firstly get used to having the hair extensions in. Secondly it gives enough time for the hair to grow just enough so that there isn’t any pulling on their natural hair when it is being styled on their wedding day.

What options do you have in terms of application?
We have three different applications. Our most common technique is our Copper Bell application. This one is the safest as there is no heat or glue applied to hair, ensuring no damage occurs. The Copper Bell technique also allows the client to reuse the hair. We also do the Fusion Tip technique – this is where we melt then roll the tip of the extension onto the client’s hair. This technique doesn’t allow the client to reuse the hair but does achieve a very fine natural look when done. We have just launched our tape extension. This is the fastest and cheapest way to apply extensions, but I don’t recommend this technique to brides that are putting their hair up as it makes it hard to do up styles.

How are they applied? And how long does it generally take?
It takes 1hr-2hr to apply hair extensions. They are applied with a copper bell, then pressed flat with pliers.

How long will they last?
All techniques last between 6-12 weeks depending on how well the client looks after the hair and how fast their hair grows. If you invest in good quality hair it will save you money in the long run as the hair can be re-used. You would just need to come in every 6-12 weeks to have them re-applied rather than replacing the hair every time.

How much can hair extensions cost?
Indian Hair for a full head $600- $1000
Russian Hair for a full head $1400- $3000

What are the 5 biggest mistakes brides make when getting hair extensions for their wedding
I’ve looked after many brides and the most common mistakes I’ve seen are then below:

  1. The Mullet look! Brides must get enough hair extensions applied to achieve a natural look. This applies especially if you have a lot of hair or if you have a blunt haircut.
  2. Hair Extensions that aren’t good quality. Do your homework to make sure that you are getting what you’re paying for. A consultation before your initial appointment is a must.
  3. Placement of Hair extensions is so important. For example if you are going for an up-style for your wedding day, you need to make sure that your extensions are placed far away from your hairline so that they don’t show.
  4. Colour matching has to be perfect! There’s nothing worse than having extensions that are a completely different colour to your hair.
  5. Allow a week before the wedding to have them done so that you feel comfortable with the length and thickness. You still want to feel yourself on your wedding day.

What is the number one key to fabulous looking hair extensions?
The quality of the hair extensions makes the biggest difference to having fabulous hair extensions. Your extensions have to be cut so that they look natural. Sharp blunt lines can make them look fake.

How much maintenance do hair extensions require as opposed to natural hair?
I won’t lie you do need to be slightly more careful when styling you hair extensions. But if you get Human Hair extensions, in most cases you treat your extensions exactly how you would treat your natural hair.

What are your top 5 tips for beautiful hair extensions?



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