The perfect Bridal lingerie range for the Bride and her tribe

If you’re searching for sexy and sophisticated lingerie, sleepwear, swim and accessories, Bras N Things have you sorted with their ‘I Do My Way’ range. Say I do to something new and perfect for you!

With styles to suit every bride and her tribe, you can set the tone for your pre and post wedding celebrations. So tell us, what’s your lingerie style?

World-class Women

A true vision in white! Challenge your innocence and sanctitude on your wedding night in a piece that’s unapologetically you. Rock your full length slip, plunge bustier or cunning corset for your partner and create a night to remember in our latest bridal collection.

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Blue Baddies

There’s never enough blue with you! Bold, brave and beautiful, you’re always challenging your inner calm and sensual serenity. A lady in the streets and saucy underneath the sheets, our blue masterpieces are made for the silent seductress that no one ever suspects. Surprise your lover in our luscious lingerie line.

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Sexy Seductress’s

Celebrate your hens in sultry style ! Grab your sisters and have the sexiest slumber party of all time. Serenade each other through song and pack your pillows for a pretty pillow fight to remember. Strut your stuff around your private suite and dance like nobody’s watching in your Bras N Things. 

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Pretty Pink Princesses

On wedding night we wear pink…. hehe. For the nontraditional bride who has pretty pink pride, rock this playful color of love and lust and continue your wedding celebrations late into the night. Serving blush and hot pink options, turn up the heat with our new bridal collection. 

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Matchy Maidens

Pleats and pearls are the perfect pair for your royal squad. Let your tribe treat you to an imperial themed hens with majestic jammies to match. Picture your besties in this elegant set sipping champagne and dripping in jewelry, did we mention there’s a matching robe too? 

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