The only hints you need to figure out if he’s going to pop the question

Once you hit a certain point in your relationship you start to wonder when the time will come when your partner says those four words: “Will you marry me?”

When will he finally drop down on one knee and let you use your Wedded Wonderland inspo images to plan the perfect day?

Start practicing your ‘surprised’ face because here are the telltale signs that an engagement isn’t far off.

He’s spending less money

Maybe he’s skipping out on his nights out or maybe just his morning coffee, but he’s become the savvy saver you never thought he could be. You might have to skip out on a movie date or two but just remember, diamonds are forever.

He’s spending more time with your family

It could be your sister, mum or bestie but they’re definitely spending more time together. Don’t get jealous just yet, you aren’t being included for a reason.

He’s suggesting you get your nails done or offering to pay for them

It’s not rude, he’s being considerate – trust us. You don’t want that gorgeous photo ruined by three-week-old acrylics.

He won’t let you see his phone

You never know when an email or call from the jeweller might pop up!

He’s acting nervous

Is he sweating, fidgeting, and stumbling over his words? He’s clearly trying very hard to impress you – we wonder why.

Taking charge of your next trip

You’re always the one in charge of the planning when you travel together and yet he’s suddenly taken on the role of the travel agent. I suppose it’s not the worst thing in the world, as long as he accounts for the extra weight when booking your bags.

He asks for your ring size

Hopefully, he doesn’t give it away that easily but maybe you catch him fiddling with the ring you always wear or going through your jewellery box.

Inviting you to an event you need to be randomly dressed up for

These days you both hang out in sweatpants and jumpers constantly and yet tonight you’re going out for ‘a walk’ that requires you to have heels and curled hair? It’s a dead giveaway. Good thing you’ve been practicing that ‘surprised’ face.

Written by Jelena Tabakovic

Posted in Dating, Engagement, Planning by wedded wonderland

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