After all the organising involved in planning the gown, venue and catering, Brides generally don’t think about styling the space that they’re getting ready in! The ‘getting-ready’ photos are some of the most important shots of the Big Day; there’ll be candid moments with you and your Bridesmaids, tender words shared with your parents and opportunities to capture you in your final moments being a ‘bachelorette’.

Creating the perfect backdrop for these images can be tricky and whether you’ll getting ready at a home or at a hotel, it’s important to get the styling right – this is where ‘home styling’ comes in!

To find out exactly what ‘home styling’ is, we spoke with Anna from Elana K Weddings and got a few insider tips on the way!

1. Focus on ONE Area

Anna recommends allocating one area of the home to photos and focusing all of your attention on this. Look for a space that has great natural lighting, as this will make all the difference in the photographs! Anna explains, “If the dress, hair and makeup is amazing, the backdrop should be too.”


2. Declutter

Once you’ve chosen your space, it’s time to remove clutter. Anna recommends that Brides should “keep it simple” and limit any odds and ends in the backdrop that could take away from what the camera lens should be focusing on – the Bride and the Bridal Party. Anna explains, “the Bride should be able to walk into a space on the morning of her Wedding and feel completely comfortable and relaxed, so giving the room a thorough clean beforehand is essential.”


3. Keep the Styling in Proportion

“We all love the idea of a 12-foot tall flower wall and thousands of scattered candles, but if it’s not in proportion to your room, it’s going to look more strange than spectacular!” warns Anna. The key thing to remember is that sometimes less is more. Some spaces will require just elegant draping and a floral bouquet, whereas others might need more of an overhaul with prop furniture and accessories.


4. Personality is Essential

Ensuring that the space reflects the Bride’s personality is essential and Anna suggests including some of the Bride’s most treasured items in the styling, like jewellery, perfume and shoes and says, “It’s all about creating the Bride’s story in photographic form and injecting her personality into the backdrop will help set the scene.”


5. Get Creative

Don’t assume that you need an excess of props like mannequins, jewellery display pouches and vases, however some elegant draping and furniture have is a must. Anna says you can get creative, “For example, a beautiful dress can be hung near a window or from a door and rings can be placed in a champagne glass.”


Elana K Weddings provides Wedding and home styling with its exclusive hand-made centrepieces and silk florals. Based in Sydney NSW, Elana K Weddings is renowned for its Bridal bedroom makeovers and styling and won 3rd in the ABIA’s Best Wedding Stylist NSW 2015.

Photography by T-One Image, N’Light Photography and Jessica Abraham Photography.

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