The New Engagement Trend Is Freaky AND Dangerous

There are a lot of songs dedicated to giving your all to the person you love – but we don’t think any of them included giving blood.

That’s kind of where the latest engagement ring trend is going. While it’s not actually about giving your blood to your S/O (#throwback to Angelina Jolie wearing a vial of Billy Bob Thornton‘s blood around her neck), the latest trend sees couples piercing their ring fingers with a microdermal.

Yep. Finger piercings.

It’s unusual to say the least.

Microdermals are implants that can be placed almost anywhere on the skin, though they differ from regular piercings as they consist of an anchor, which goes underneath the surface of the skin, and the visible part of the piercing laying flat on the skin’s surface.

While any kind of body modification has its risk factors, this new trend seems like a particularly good way to cop yourself an infection … or some ripped skin.

According to Genia Gaffaney in her book, The Art of Body Piercing, fingers are the ultimate no-no for microdermals.

“Microdermal anchors absolutely should not be placed on hands, feet, wrists, on a bone (such as a collarbone) that is not flat, or on a joint or flex point. The dermals will not heal in these areas.”

So, the exact placement on the finger is really what matters most here, however even with a flat surface, the hands are the most used part of the body and generally the first in harms way.

As was the case with Instagram user @brittanyavocado, who explained that her piercing was constantly bumped, swollen, and had to be surgically removed after her dose of antibiotics did nothing. She still feels pain in her finger, even after removing the troublesome piercing.

Of course, not everyone has had the same bad experience, so the fad continues to live on. Although classic rings will always reign supreme, the use of unconventional diamonds and unique settings isn’t quite enough for some. Even Beyoncé and Jay-Z opted for a wedding ring tattoo!

So, Fairies, if you’re looking for a unique way of expressing your love, maybe check out the health risks before taking a stab at it…

Cover Image ring by Anna Sheffield via @heatherhallm

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