The Most Popular Winter Honeymoon Destinations

Summer Weddings are always the obvious choice for every couple, with the idea of taking wedding pictures outside with the beautiful summer sun giving you the perfect lighting being irresistible. But having a summer wedding doesn’t mean you have to have a summer honeymoon!

We think there is something magical about a winter honeymoon. The setting is as romantic as you’d wish your honeymoon to be, snowy destinations, and a lot of cuddling – sounds great to us.

We’ve put together a list of the perfect winter wonderland destinations that you’ll fall in love with!

Alps Austria

The perfect winter destination has been selected! Imagine taking in these gorgeous sights in amongst the mountains.


Stay indoors by the fire and sip on a hot chocolate whilst taking in the amazing sights of nature.


Long roads and many places to discover in the wonderful Norway.


The Arctic Snow Hotel is the place to be when visiting Finland. Take in all of Finland’s natural beauty in a glass igloo with your partner.

Dolomites, Italy

A winter wonderland in Italy. Sip on some fine wine and indulge in some of Italy’s finest flavours in this wintery honeymoon destination.

South Tyrol, Italy

Sitting by the fire under a blanket with your love, we call this the perfect night in.

Paris, France

Who wouldn’t want to see the City of Love in winter? Disneyland is one extra reason why you should plan a winter honeymoon away with your love.

New York City, New York

New York is just as beautiful during the winter time as it is any time of year.


This is where we would all rather be!

New Zealand

Tasmam Glacier is a must see when visiting New Zealand. Take in the beauty of this gorgeous winter location.

Blue Lagoon

The stillness and calmness of Blue Lagoon is just magical.

Feature image via @taskonaklarhotelcappadocia

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