The Most Popular Shapes for Your Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are all about the diamonds baby!

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If you’re not sure which shape is right for you, check out some of the most popular shapes for your engagement ring. We highly suggest you grab your partner and scroll through this article together for some tips to figure out which style works best for you! *wink wink*


Well known for its boat shape, the marquise cut ring has a long, narrow shape that makes it appear larger than it really is! This stunning option by Hearts On Fire uses a round brilliant diamond cut to create the illusion of the marquise silhouette and ticks all our boxes – unique, stand-out and modern.


You can never go wrong with a classic oval-shaped diamond. Oval cut diamonds are one of the most flattering shapes for your hands due to their elongated and ever so graceful appearance.  With the likes of Kate Middleton and Blake Lively rocking oval-shaped rings, this look will never go out of style.


Dramatic and distinct, an emerald cut engagement ring is a stunning retro-inspired design for the unique bride.


Pear shape diamonds are one of the most intriguing cuts and have really made a revival in recent years. With a distinctive rounded top that gradually tapers down into an elegant tip, this choice is for the bride that wants to be a little different.


Displaying radiating brilliance, round cut diamonds definitely have a classic and timeless look. The round design is for the traditional and romantic bride.


This cut may very well be the most popular choice by brides and it’s certainly not hard to see why! With its sharp corners and stunning gleam, the sleek design of a princess cut diamond can give the illusion of a bigger rock.

Feature image via Hearts on Fire

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