The Most Popular Baby Names You’ll Be Seeing In 2018

Want your child to be the next leader of the free world? Start preparing them from birth, since Nameberry have released their list of baby names predictions and we can very clearly see a trend.

“We believe Presidential names will only get hotter for both girls and boys. Kennedy, Madison, Reagan, and Taylor are already popular for girls, while Carter, Jackson, and Tyler rank for boys,” they wrote.

Meanwhile, the fantasy genre has had a clear impact on baby name trends, with additions from Marvel, Game of Thrones, and Star Wars including Thor, Falcon, Arya, and Rey.

Amongst other unconventional names that made the Nameberry list are; Snow, Sunday, Sage, Anwen, Emrys, Odin, Carter.

Meanwhile, Babygaga have released their own list based on data from previous years and the choices are far more conventional.


Via Handy Little Me

For Girls – According to Babygaga

  1.  Emma
  2. Charlotte
  3. Sadie
  4. Violet
  5. Kennedy
  6. Savannah
  7. Penelope
  8. Victoria
  9. Ellie
  10. Hazel
  11. Natalie
  12. Luna
  13. Rylie
  14. Aurora
  15. Scarlett
  16. Nora
  17. Zoe
  18. Amelia
  19. Harper
  20. Stella


Via Baby Care Mag

For Boys – According to Babygaga

  1. Finn
  2. Jack
  3. Atticus
  4. Oliver
  5. Theodore
  6. Reuben
  7. Dylan
  8. Corin
  9. Adam
  10. Alexander
  11. Daniel
  12. Christopher
  13. Brandon
  14. Logan
  15. Joseph
  16. Hunter
  17. Lucas
  18. Kai
  19. Jasper
  20. Isaac
  21. Felix
  22. Everett
  23. Elijah
  24. Caleb
  25. Asher

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