When it comes to picking your wedding ring, generally the bride knows exactly what she wants; but choosing a ring for the groom is a whole other level of confusion.

Must the groom ring match the bridal ring?
Is it OTT for the groom to use diamonds?
How can you individualise a groom ring?


We hear these type of questions all the time at Wedded Wonderland, so we asked Anton Jewellery’s Creative Designer and Senior Sales Executive, Steven to help us navigate the groom ring rules, so that you can avoid a potential ring-tastrophe!

WW: What are the different metals available for the groom ring?

Anton Jewellery: A groom will usually choose the type of metal based on their preference towards the colour of the gold. 18ct yellow gold, 18ct white gold, Platinum and also Titanium are options. Distinguishing polishes and finishes are where most grooms like to dare to be different; matt finishes, black rhodium finishes, for example are touches that make a certain part of the design ‘pop’.


WW: What’s trending at the moment?

Anton Jewellery: In this day and age, gents are given so much variety when it comes to wedding bands, however, grooms will always go for comfort over style. We are currently seeing a movement towards wedding bands with clean, linear patterns, flat profiles, chamfered edges and internal ‘comfort fits’. The fact is that a man rarely wears a ring before their big day, so they tend to be a little more conservative when it comes to making a decision on the final style.


WW: Should men consider bling?

Anton Jewellery: We see the occasional ‘distinguished male’ who loves a bit of bling! We don’t think the groom should miss out on the sparkle, so there is a number of styles we’ve designed to suit this groom. The majority of our rings however are custom-made from a collaboration between the groom himself and the Anton Jewellery design team, so the sky’s the limit!

Recently, we have produced some of the most incredible bespoke bands, consisting of up to four rows of white and black diamonds. This gives the groom instant ‘celeb’ status! We’ve also just designed the most beautiful bands for Anthony Callea and Tim Campbell, who were so thrilled with the custom rings for their nuptials.

Men have few ways of expressing themselves, so having the right wedding ring is incredibly important – it’s a unique and lasting symbol he’ll wear forever.


Anton Jewellery presents its luxury Signature Gents Wedding Ring collection, available in a range of 18ct gold and platinum designs. Described as masculine, classic and timeless, but with a modern edge, Anton Jewellery’s collection of groom rings can be customised to suit the individual’s taste.


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