The brainchild of  Serbian designer, Mihailo Anusic, Mihano Momosa is a fledgling brand that is only a few years old. Despite its youth, Mihano Momosa has already caused an international stir for its feminine creations that are both minimalistic and delicate, a feat that not many designers have been able to achieve.

A self-described optimist, Mihailo counts Lanvin and Vera Wang as some of his style inspirations. Despite having no formal education in fashion, Mihailo’s gowns are created with the precision of a far more experienced designer and when sketching a new collection, he envisages a woman who is equal parts fairy princess and family pillar – a sister, mother and wife.

To truly understand the creative genius of Mihailo, we sat down with the man himself to talk about the latest collection.

WW: What was the inspiration behind this collection?

Mihailo: As always, the collection is triggered by love, my endless source of inspiration. Of course, my focus is on woman, her ability to face the real world and live her own fairy-tale at the same time. I am romantic and so are my collections.


WW: If you had to pick one, what’s your favourite piece for the collection and why?

Mihailo: I invest myself equally in each piece, so I can’t really choose a favourite one. Each dress has its own unique story and I put a lot of thinking and work behind every single one.

WW: Who is your ideal bride?

Mihailo: I create for any woman who sees herself as unique, she is self-confident, brave, and mature, but she acknowledges her inner-child and doesn’t give up on her childhood dream of being a princess.

WW: Describe the collection in three words.

Mihailo: Romantic, dreamy and bold.

WW: What were the key materials used in this collection?

Mihailo: I choose only the best quality materials, those that provide comfort and have a good structure. For this collection, it was mostly silk, lace and cotton.

WW: It seems as though there’s a juxtaposition between masculinity and femininity used in this collection (mixing lace, silks and floral prints with collars, cuffs pockets). Was this a conscious decision?MM_panelled6

Mihailo: It wasn’t exactly conscious decision, it was more instinctual. I admire woman’s ability to live in a very cruel world and still remain dreamy and romantic; so the contrast was a result of these two worlds coexisting and colliding. The end result (the collection) was just my feelings and admiration of modern woman, materialised.

WW: What’s the most important thing a bride should remember on her wedding day?

Mihailo: To enjoy herself. Sometimes the entire event can be overwhelming and a bride should always remember that it’s all about celebrating love – After all, it’s her day, she deserves to get the most of it.

WW: How do you believe brides know when they’ve picked the right gown?

Mihailo: The right dress is like true love, they just know. No explanations. Some of them smile, some of them cry. Everyone has a different reaction, but the inner feeling is always the same, and women always know when they have made the right choice. It’s actually quite amazing.

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