Last night was Australian television’s time to shine, with all the biggest celebrities taking to the red carpet for the 2015 Logie Awards. As always, there were memorable moments – some for all the wrong reasons! To take us through the good, the bad and the ugly, we’ve spoken to the Kings and Queens of style, Designer Alin Le’ Kal, Celeb Stylist Fernando Barraza and Wedded Wonderland’s Katia Rizk.

Alin Le’ Kal

I was on the red carpet at the Logies last night, so I actually saw firsthand how each celebrity looked – up close and personal!

Top Three Best Dressed

1. Cheyenne Tozzi in Alex Perry

From my experience on the red carpet, this dress had a presence of its own. The delicately-cut gown really did have its own feel with its modern silhouette and its sea of black sleeves. Using classic black fabric, Alex Perry showcased his craftsmanship and you could tell just how well-made this gown was.

2. Scherri Lee Biggs in Cappellazzo Couture 

This gown was pure elegance and although it was a bit more ‘bridal’ than it was ‘red carpet’, it was so beautifully made that it didn’t matter. The draping  really did give us a different look to the usual ‘Logies’ style. From hair to makeup, stylist Lana Wilkinson had it spot on.

3. Carrie Bickmore in Paolo Sebastian

When she walked the red carpet last night, she had this aura about her, hinting to us that she was going to win Gold Logie. Kudos to her stylist Natalie from Network Ten, she really had it on-point and it would be hard not to include her in this list.

Worst Dressed of the Night

1. Shelly Craft

For the host of the red carpet, this blonde bombshell must’ve been a bit too inspired by her role and ended up blending in with the carpet. The oddly cut dress did not flatter her figure and the one-sleeve design didn’t match the gown. The stomach slit was too awkward and the lace placement should’ve been kept on the fabric. Such a disappointment.

2. Jessica Rowe

From the hair to the dress, this look was dismal. The only redeeming factor was her makeup. Such a great body, but such an ill-fitted dress. This one should’ve been kept hanging in the shop that it came from. Jessica, next time reconsider!!

3. Susie Edelman

This look was horrendous. No-one wants to see Grandma’s cleavage. A short hem, ill-placed lace and a lace-neck brace truly was a massive let-down. Darling, you need to dress your age and never again order dresses online. Next time, get in touch and I’ll make you something fabulous!

Katia Rizk, Marketing Manager at Wedded Wonderland

Top Three Best Dressed

1. Carrie Bickmore in Paolo Sebastian

Not only did Carrie Bickmore take home the Gold Logie for most popular personality, but she also wins our Best Dressed! Only six weeks after giving birthday to daughter Evie, Carrie rocked her incredible post-baby bod in a jaw-dropping Paulo Sebastian gown. Waking up this morning, it was inspiring to notice this beauty trending on social media for her impeccable styling and her courageous acceptance speech. “I want to use my two minutes up here to talk about something incredibly close to my heart — brain cancer,” and that she did! Aussies across the country, including major TV and radio personalities, have begun to support the campaign #beaniesforbraincancer.

2. Demi Harman in Steven Khalil

Every girl dreams of being a princess and at 22 years old, Demi Harman’s dreams came true as hit the red carpet as a modern-day princess. The king of fit, Steven Khalil, did not fail! This ravishing red number was as flattering as is was jaw-dropping.

3. Rebecca Judd in J’Aton

J’Aton once again hits it out of the ballpark, creating a bespoke coral pink gown for Rebecca Judd. History repeats itself as Rebecca Judd becomes the most reposted girl of the night. But what exactly made this dress go so viral? It’s a combination of the unique colour, the detailed lace and the fact it’s being worn by the WAG we all love #teamJUDD

Worst Dressed of the Night

1. Susie Elelman

We normally love lace, however this was lace overkill! How much is too much cleavage? The plunging neckline may have been trending last night but sorry Susie in your case it was TOO MUCH!!

2. Lee Lin Chin

Thank you for making us smile, unfortunately it was not for the right reasons. I’m not sure this needs an explanation as to why it is the worst dressed.

Fernando Barazza, Celebrity Stylist

Top Three Best Dressed

1. Shaynna Blaze in Amaline Vitale

Absolute perfection and on-trend with the one-shoulder, Amaline Vitale created a beautiful couture piece. Perfectly tailored at the waist and with a fabulous full skirt.

2. Kerri Anne Kennerley

Who whoa whoa! If only I could look as amazing as her 61. Pretty in pink is an understatement.

3. Cheyenne Tozzi in Alex Perry

Susie Elelman should borrowed a tip or two from Cheyenne and Alex Perry. This is how you red carpet extravaganza!!!

Worst Dressed of the Night

1. Julia Morris

High necks and floral lace don’t work on her at all… I’m sure it was pretty on the hanger, but certainly not on the body.

2. Susie Elelman

Morticia Addams gone wrong, let the puppies breathe I say!!!

3. Amanda Keller

Beautiful hair and makeup but that’s where it ends. The dress makes her look super short and there’s way too much satin – did the stylist not think to hem it so she could walk?

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