The Last Resort – All the Dramatic Confessions from The Couples

Channel Nine’s latest reality TV show, The Last Resort, features five couples at breaking point, who head to a tropical retreat in Fiji to amend their broken relationships and get the help they need from two of Australia’s leading relationship specialists. And in just one month, they must make a final decision.

The first episode is pretty intense, with couple’s revealing the biggest and most dramatic issues that brought them to the show.

First there’s Lucy and Carl, who were married for 8 years before separating after Carl, a personal trainer, had an affair with one of his clients. And the crazy twist? She used to come to Lucy and Carl’s house to train, and had regular chats with Lucy during the affair. When chatting with the relationship experts, Carl said, “I’ve never felt guilty about the affair, we hadn’t had sex in six months, it was all too hard, I guess I was out looking for what I didn’t have at home.”

lucy and carl the last resort

Lucy and Carl Image via Channel Nine

We’re then introduced to Sharday & Josh, the separated parents who probably face the biggest hurdle out of all the couples, confessing to having a crazy, tumultuous and out of control relationship. A week after they separated, Sharday found out she was pregnant, and confessed to doing some nasty things to push Josh away.

In fact, she told Josh the baby was not his and he didn’t come back, she went through the pregnancy and birth of their child alone. During dinner, one of the couple’s asks Sharday what was so bad that she made him believe he wasn’t the father of their baby? To which Sharday responded, “we just had such a brutal break-up.” We having a feeling there’s a lot more to it.


Sharday and Josh Image via Channel Nine

Josh told the other couples, “I had to wait til after she was born to find out if she was mine via a DNA test, 5 weeks after she was born I met my daughter for the first time at a park.”

Then come Lisa and Dan who both have kids from previous relationships. This couple reveal the biggest issues that bought them here is their relationship is not what it used to be and we find out the crazy way their relationship began.

“Dan was the first person I met after my marriage ended, not long after I met Dan (and had a one night stand) I found out he was married.” And it gets worse, he admitted, “My ex was about 6 months pregnant at the time.”

the last resort

Lisa and Dan Image via Channel Nine

Less than  a year after they met, after Dan’s marriage was over, he jumped into a relationship with Lisa. “He thought it was going to be fun, light and easy which it was at the beginning but then it became deep, difficult, and challenging,” Lisa said.

The, after a few awkward moments Dan admits, “She’s not the person I fell in love with. He confessed he went away for a bit on soul searching mission, and during that time decided to split up with her via  … FB messenger.”  AWKWARD.

Then we have seemingly normal couple Jodie and Stu who have been together for almost 11 years, when Stu sustained a serious head injury leaving him bed ridden for a year. Although he has now physically recovered, it looms over them, and the spark in their marriage has disappeared.

“We haven’t made love in a year, he’s never motivated to do things post injury.”


Jodie and Stu Image via Channel Nine

When they returned to their room after dinner, Jodie said “We had the most beautiful lay out, a beautiful spa bath and flowers and chocolate, but Stu was really tired, so we just went to bed. I really just want to get back in the saddle with my husband.”

And finally, the youngest couple on the show, high school sweethearts Sarah and Keelan reveal the biggest issues that have brought them to the show. While Sarah simply wants to settle down and get married, Keelan is always drinking and is never home.

“I feel like I never come first in our relationship, he is so dedicated to his friends and drinks too much.”

the last resort

Sarah and Keelan Image via Channel Nine

When questioned about any infidelity in their relationship, Sarah confessed when she was in hospital for a minor operation she came out and found out Keelan had signed up to 4 different dating websites.

“He won’t talk about it he will just walk away. I’ve put up with the lying, the 99% sure cheating, I deserve better than what I’ve settled for.”

And there you have it. This is going to be one crazy road ahead, and in one month time we’ll find out which relationship will make it and which will be broken for good … Stay tuned.








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