The Hottest Trends For Grooms Wedding Attire

Belance offers custom-made occasion and business wear to elevate your wardrobe and they will be a part of Wedded World from August 10 – September 10 with an exclusive offer available to couples!

We spoke with the head designer of Belance, Oscar, who shared the inside scoop on the upcoming trends and what Grooms can expect when seeking a tailor made suit for their special day!

What upcoming trends can we look forward to seeing for Grooms and Groomsmen?

“For the groom that looks for sophistication and elegance we are seeing more exciting and contemporary tuxedos in evening wear. These modern outfits are achieved by working with special fabrics that add depth like high precision jacquards and textured wools, paired with minimalist black trousers, white clean shirts and silk bowties. 

For weddings set around the beach which are extremely popular in Australia, we propose dinner jackets made with heavy weight Italian linen in neutral tones like beige, greys and whites. We recommend wearing your linen dinner jacket with black wool trousers and a white shirt and depending on the formality of the wedding with or without a black bowtie. 

For countryside weddings, grooms are looking for more vibrant colours or earthy tones such as deep green and browns. For this type of wedding outfit we recommend the full suit to be made in the same fabric and wearing an open collar white shirt. “

 What does the process involve for a tailor-made suit?

“Not every tailor has the same process or level of involvement. The process of getting your tailor made wedding suit at BELANCĒ is a highly personal experience and it begins with a consultation, an open dialogue obligation-free in which we discuss the wedding style and your vision. Think of us as the creative director of your outfit, we will consider location, season, budget, dress code, your partner’s outfit and your personality before our fashion designer brings to you some curated options.

After deciding on fabric and design, we then proceed to measure you and find the best fit for you, our fitter takes into account your posture, body measurements and his meticulous eye to propose the right allowances. 

The suit is then handcrafted by our master tailors using artisanal techniques based on the design and pattern we developed for you. During production, orders are tracked and monitored daily to ensure the timeframes.

Once the order is completed, an initial fitting is conducted to make sure everything is perfect. In some cases where we think some alterations are needed, we will make some final adjustments and have your garment ready for your final fitting. Our customers get a photoshoot where we provide coaching on how to pose wearing a suit to get amazing pictures on the day.”

 What’s one tip you’d give to all men seeking the perfect suit for their Special Day?

“Your wedding is possibly one of the most important day in your and your partner’s life, make your suit extra special! We believe that choosing your outfit should be an effortless and unforgettable experience. Seek for knowledgeable guidance and plan ahead of time so you can enjoy the magic of the day while looking your best. Be open minded and trust your tailor to reflect your vision and personality.”

For more tips, be sure you download the Belance wedding guide, full of useful tips and some of their most precious styling secrets.

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