The Hair Raising Truths About Your Hair Straightener

There’s a lot a hair straightener can do for you, above and beyond its namesake styling – it’s the best product to keep your hair straight and sleek. Sure, the results of using a curling iron are fabulous, but can the hairstyles you achieve lack any consequence?

In order to keep things on track, we asked Philips HairCare Ambassador and award winning stylist, Lizzie Liros for tips and tricks to knowing the truths about your straightener!


Can a curling iron or flat iron damage my hair?

 Yes, it definitely can. Especially if it is used too often or if the heat is too high for the condition of your hair. To protect your hair, remember to always use a heat protector before using a curling iron or flat iron.


Can straightening the hair too much destroy the natural curl in the hair?

 Yes, this can definitely happen. In particular, if you straighten your hair more than three times a week.


Does flat ironing cause split ends?

 Yes, if the hair is damaged or dry. Regular trims will prevent this from happening and also using a serum after using a hot iron will help.


How can I stop my hair from poofing?

Using a moisturising shampoo and conditioner will help generate a sleeker, flatter finish with less poof.


What are some of the new hair trends for this season?

A new hair trend this season is a loose wave with straight ends. An effortless finish is definitely in fashion at the moment. Also, another major trend is hair that does not look like it’s been ‘done’.


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