Most grandparents would have a heart-attack if you walked down the aisle with a freshly inked arm or back, but we’ve found one tattoo will not only save you hours of makeup application a week, but it will frame your face to perfection.

Eyebrow feathering has hit the celebrity market big-time and brides are now jumping on the trend. It’s not hard to see why; it give you on-point brows 24/7 and it saves you hundreds of dollars in eyebrow gels, pencils, crayons, powders and brushes.

I got the opportunity to chat with eyebrow specialist, Lana Tarek,  who not only upped my own personal brow game, but also answered my biggest questions.

Seriously, fairies, you have to see these before and afters.

1. Does it Hurt? (talk about the numbing cream)

With the application of topical numbing cream before feathering eyebrows the procedure can be absolutely pain free. However, people with low pain threshold may encounter slight discomfort, this can be fixed with top up of numbing during the procedure also.


2. How Do I Know I Won’t End Up With Tadpole Brows?

YOU are in control of what you want your brows to look like. Before commencing the feathering session, we draw an outline of where hair strokes will be micro-bladed with an eyebrow pencil to give you an idea of the thickness and shape. We also give recommendations on which shapes and thickness will suit certain faces to assist in the decision making before micro-blading the eyebrows. By working within the outline we ensure your eyebrows will look completely natural and almost like real hairs!

3. Will It Last Through My Engagement, Wedding AND Honeymoon?

By planning ahead and undergoing the treatment about 8 weeks before any big dates, we can help all brides have their eyebrows on point for their engagement, wedding and honeymoon. Having a touch up after the the initial treatment should be done at 4 weeks


4. How Long Before My Wedding Should I Book?

We recommend brides to book in 8 weeks in advance so they undergo the two treatments before their big day. This way they can ensure their eyebrows have healed and softened so they look nice and natural for the wedding and honeymoon.

5. What’s the Average Cost?

Feathering costs $600. This includes one free touch up. All additional touch ups are $300.


Lana Tarek Eyebrow Specialists is not just another brow boutique or business profile on Instagram. With two heavily experienced specialists on a growing team of eyebrow-gods you do not want to miss an opportunity to book for your LT Brover (Lana Tarek Brow Make-Over)!

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