The French Tip has been the bride’s favourite option for her wedding day for a long time. Considered classic and classy all at once, there are a lot of reasons that the style became and stayed so popular. But with the rise of nail art, well let’s make a stand. It runs the risk of being just a little boring!

And with the claw and coffin shaped nails a massive trend, we’ve got even more reason to doubt the French Tip in 2014. This traditional style only looks good on a square or round cut nail. So what’s your alternative?
Many brides don’t want to go over the top with a dramatic nail art for their wedding day and we understand that. If you’re a traditional beauty? Well keep it traditional!

What we suggest is a tweak. Consider a lace French Tip or a textured tip. This makes the design unique, but still keeps it within the same realm. You could opt for a pastel gradient nail even incorporating the colours of your bridesmaids’ dresses or flowers. Our last option is a nude nail. Classic yet modern, very J-Lo and understated glam.

If you want some more inspiration for your nails, check out our Trend Report on Nail Art.

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