The Five Perks Of Having A Hotel Wedding

Planning a wedding can be super stressful, and by no means an easy task. There are about one-hundred-and-one things that need to be done, and each part is just as important as the next. You’ve got to sort out your dress, hair and makeup, figure out seating plans that need to be planned to perfection, because heaven forbid your two aunts who despise each other end up on the same table, decide on your first dance song, coordinate with your stylist and try not to change your mind again, and plan a honeymoon. Phew, we’re tired just thinking about this.

Luckily, there are ways for you to take a few shortcuts, that won’t ruin the overall result, and they’re right here waiting for you at your favourite hotel.

Hotels are the perfect venue option for your wedding for a million reasons, and we’re going to give just a few that’ll be enough to convince you for good.


1. Wedding Packages

A hotel will almost always offer a wedding package that can be tailored to suit your wants and needs. They’ll offer anything from chair and table covers, while also taking care of the menu, lighting, and everything in between.

The Hyatt Regency Sydney has two main packages on offer, as well as extras you can add on including a dessert buffet, wedding cake, and accommodation upgrades for the bride and groom. They also have a list of wedding suppliers on offer, which is perfect for the bride who just doesn’t know where to start.

As if that wasn’t enough, Hyatt Regency has a global loyalty program, which can be used to book free honeymoon nights at any Hyatt Hotels and Resorts from around the world. Consider us sold!

2. Top Quality Dining

You won’t be hearing any guests complain about the food when you choose to host your wedding at a hotel. With their in-house expert chefs to take care of the menu from entree to dessert, everyone will leave with full bellies. You can forget the post-wedding Maccas run when you’ve got fine dining to satisfy your hunger.

The Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour released their wedding package for 2019 not too long ago, and with it comes some amazing food options. Just a couple of the choices are an oyster bar, a charcuterie platter, which has cured meats from all around the world and can be paired perfectly with a cheese-lovers dream, the La Cave A Fromage.

3. Local Activities

Hotels are almost always located in areas that offer you things to do. They’re often in the hub of the city, surrounded by shopping, bars, cafes; you name it. While this might not be something you’d be specifically on the lookout for, it certainly adds a certain appeal.

For the bride and groom, it means you can hang around the area the day after your wedding, which is especially useful if you aren’t flying away on your honeymoon straight away, and you’re close to many ideal photo locations. As for the guests, well there’s nothing better. While you’re off taking photos, they have the opportunity to grab some drinks and chill out without needing to worry about travel to and from the venue.

Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park is in the perfect location. Right opposite the stunning Hyde Park, you can head just across the road to take some beautiful pictures, while your guests hit Pitt Street and the surrounding areas to kill some time.

4. Blissful Convenience

As well as the local activities available, hotel weddings offer so much convenience. Guests can stay the night in one of the rooms, which again, helps them avoid any travel hassle. This is especially perfect for weddings that aren’t local.

For the bride and groom, they can have hotel rooms to stay the night before and then get ready in, as well as an option for them the night of the wedding. It’s practical and oh so convenient.

With the Hyatt Regency, a special rate is offered to the guests of the bride and groom, so they can spend the night in a 5-star room and they’ll love you for it. Their Regency package also offers complimentary overnight accommodation for the bride and groom, and they’ll even throw in a champagne breakfast.

5. High-Quality Service

Service is no joke with hotels. From the first person you meet on your way in, to the waiters and the concierge, every hotel staff is dedicated to making your stay, and your event, an absolute success. You’ll have all the help you’ll need when planning your wedding and during the big day. Don’t be surprised to see a level of service unlike any other.

From the Hilton Sydney to the Four Seasons Hotel, and everything in between, the service you receive at hotel weddings will never disappoint, and will always go above and beyond your every expectation.

Cover photo by: @simon_gorges

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