Don’t stress, Fairies, there aren’t any major spoilers here! This year’s Bachelor, Richie Strahan has confirmed that he’s found love on the program which finished filming last week and will hit our TVs in a few short months.

Richie handed out his final rose (and potentially an engagement ring!?) to his new love a few days ago in Bali, where the last episode of the season was filmed and he’s come out saying that he couldn’t be happier with where the journey has taken him.

1Some of the girls hoping to win Richie’s heart in this season of The Bachelor

The only thing that is dampening his experience is the worry that the identity of his new woman (fiancé!?) may be leaked to media before the show is screened.

Despite watertight contracts for cast and crew, loads of security and huge secrecy around the finale, paparazzi have managed to follow the movements of final two Bachelor contestants in Bali and there’s been reports that the winner has been discovered; however, Channel 10 seems to have silenced the paps and are desperately trying to keep Richie’s new lady friend’s name a secret.

Richie spoke to Daily Telegraph saying, “It’s such an adventure and people get invested. It’s like when you watch Game of Thrones every week and you’re biting at the bit to see the next episode. And for someone to spoil that? You’re like, ‘No! Why? I wanted to see it.”

Although Richie told his close friends and family how his time on The Bachelorette ended (he was one of the final gentlemen in the race to win Bachelorette Sam Frost’s heart), he has confirmed that he’s not telling ANYONE about the outcome of The Bachelor, explaining that “It’s all about the surprise.”

He finishes saying, “I’m definitely happy. This has been such an unreal, crazy rollercoaster ride and I’ve loved every moment of it.”


Images from and Channel 10.

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