Written by Simon Baldwin

As more and more couples live together before they get married, traditional wedding registries are becoming outdated and the classic rules of gifting are changing; so not only is it high time to update your registry, but it’s also time to get familiar with the new rules of giving.

1. Request specific gifts, but make sure your guests are offered ways to add that personal touch

Most brides and grooms no longer want or need to fill their wedding registry with things for the house; and even if couples do want things for their house, they want the flexibility to choose their gifts from a range of different places, not just one department store. Like any good bride-to-be knows, the ability to shop around is very important.

According to research on gifting, givers are most satisfied when they feel their gift is personal. However, the receivers of the gifts (i.e. you, the couple) are most satisfied when you get what you have requested (rather than more things you don’t need or like).

I suggest choosing a registry that allows your guests to personalise their gift by choosing items they like, but then sending a personal message or suggesting when and how the item might be used. Asking for experiences such as a dinner date and then allowing your guests to recommend where to eat is a great example!

2. Make your registry beautiful

Couples spend so much time and energy on making their wedding look beautiful – your wedding registry should complement these efforts. Make gifting an extension of your wedding’s look and feel and not something to feel icky about.

3. Money is a great wedding gift, but include your guests in how you think you’ll spend it

Asking for cash is no longer taboo; however, it’s important to include your guests in your intentions for how their monetary gift will be spent. The days of a wishing well are numbered. I recommend using a registry that allows your guests to choose from a range of items that they may wish to contribute money towards, like a honeymoon or a weekend getaway. Doing so makes their gift personal, celebrating the joy of giving.

4. Don’t forget to say thank you!

Despite your best intentions, after the excitement of your wedding, finding the time write thank you cards can be hard. Make sure your registry helps take care of this for you.


Simon Baldwin is one-half and co-founder of Envelope, a new bespoke online wedding registry recently launched in Australia and soon to be available in the US. Envelope recently launched in Australia and will open its doors in the US very soon. To celebrate this, they are offering one lucky couple the chance to have the value of their wedding registry doubled. For a seamless and elegant way to ask for money, check out Envelope


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