Fragrance is such a key memory trigger, so picking the right perfume to wear on your wedding day is a big deal.  You’ll want a scent that is subtle, long-lasting and that works with your skin and to find the perfect potion, here are our tips.

Do… Your Research

Plan a few trips to your local department store of perfumery well before the week of the wedding. You’ll need to test out the fragrance on your skin, as this ensures the perfume doesn’t react badly to your natural scent. Once you’ve sprayed the scent, let it settle and spend an hour walking around the shops to let the perfume sink into your body heat. After the hour is over, take whiff and also ask a loved one to give their honest opinion.1

Don’t… Forget the Bouquet

If you’re having a bouquet brimming with roses, opt for a perfume that will enhance, not clash with the scent of the flowers.

Do… Take Into Account the Wedding Theme

If your wedding is boho-romantic, take this into account when choosing your perfume. If your wedding is glamorous and elegant, consider a scent that adds to this.2

Don’t…Say Goodbye to Your Favourite Scent

If you have a signature scent that your fiancé adores, consider wearing this on your wedding day. There’s a reason he loves it so much; it reminds him of you! Just because it’s your Big Day, it doesn’t mean that you have to search for a new scent.


When you purchase the perfume, also invest in the shower gel and body lotion. Layering each of these is key to ensuring the scent will last all day long.

Don’t…Overdo It

You’ll be kissing and hugging guests throughout the day and you don’t want to choke them with a perfume fog. Keep it subtle (two or three sprays max.). If you think you need a top up, ask your Maid-of-Honour for her opinion before you add another spray. 4

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