The Best Lipstick Colour Inspired by Your Zodiac Sign

Choosing a lipstick colour often depends on your skin tone, mood, even outfit choice. But there’s also women out there who turn to the stars when it comes finding the right shade. Who would have thought astrology could determine the perfect lipstick that matches your soul! Read on to find out which lipstick colour you should wear according to your Zodiac sign.



Aries are energetic, dynamic, competitive, aggressive, brave, and risky. You aren’t afraid to be bold, and the best lipstick colour for you is a hot red.



Aquarius are born to be free-spirited, which lends their style to boho vibes. In honour of the boho trend, embrace bold colours of the season with a deep plum lipstick.



Cancerians are the emotional and sensitive types, but don’t underestimate them. The best lipstick colour for any Cancer is a light mauve tone, or a glossy magenta for the ones who yearn to break free.



Capricorns love to play it safe when it comes to beauty. Experiment with glossy textures and nude colours this season.



A fan of cherry ripe? Scorpios definitely are. Apart from being passionate, decisive, and mysterious, the perfect lipstick colour for Scorpios are dark maroons and reds that will show their passion and confidence.



Always lady-like, Geminis should swap out those quirky shades for a sheer pink balm this winter.



Libras are calm and relaxed, which makes romantic shades like purple and berry a perfect match.



An impatient sign, the Sagittarius never spends time applying lipstick. However, this season brings a sophisticated sensibility into the sign, calling for a neon shade of fuchsia.



The Pisces is friendly, passionate and wise. The perfect lipstick colours this season are bright corals and pinks to show their sweet but hipster side.



Leos are born with a confident approach to life. A bold, matte taupe delivers a strong look that’s subtle, but ever-so polished.



Virgos are stronger than any other sign. So, why not turn up the drama with a black lipstick!



Being powerful, reliable, and loving does have its perks. The perfect colour for the very calm Taurus is a dusty rose as this sign likes to have fun, but can also be reserved and mellow.


Images courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

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