All Brides should have a run-sheet for their Big Day, but for those of us without a Wedding Planner, it can be tricky to know how the schedule should run.

To give you a start, we’ve put together a basic Wedding Day timeline, so that you’ll never be running late to the chapel!

This timeline is for a 2pm ceremony start, but can be moved back and forth depending on you.

9am – Wakeup and Brekkie

You should be awake by 9am and on your way to eat a nourishing breakfast. Lots of Brides feel too nervous to eat, but you must try and swallow some protein and fibre – try eggs, fruit and smoothies.

10am – Hair and Makeup

Your Bridesmaid squad and photographer should arrive. Make sure you and your Bridesmaids are all be wearing robes or button-down tops so that you can get dressed without ruining your hair and makeup. This is the time to pop the champagne, but keep it to just one glass at the moment.

11am – Fuel

It’s snack time. Try munching on some protein balls, muesli bars or carrots and hummus. It’s important to keep your body fuelled without bloating it. Also, you and your girls should be halfway through hair and makeup by now.

Midday – Dress Time

At midday, start getting into your dress. If it’s a big gown, step into it and if it’s a small, slip-style dress drape it over your head (but get some help so it doesn’t ruin your hair!). For the next hour or so, the photographer will be getting shots of you and the Bridesmaids. This is also the time to give your Bridesmaids their gifts.

1Image from Elizabeth and Anthony’s wedding. Photography by Studio Impressions.

1:30pm – Get the Car

Before you start heading into the Wedding car, make sure you spend a few moments alone with your Mum and Dad, we promise, you won’t regret this special time. When you’re all ready, pile into the cars and start heading to the ceremony!

2pm – The Big Walk

It’s aisle time. Before your grand entrance, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. You’ll want to remember the next few minutes for the rest of your life.

3:30pm – The Drinks

While you and the Groom are getting your photos, your guests should be served drinks and canapes. Generally the photos will take an hour or so.

6pm – Dinner is Served

From 6pm onwards, it’s time for the reception. Make sure you leave about 30 minutes between the service of each course. This allows plenty of time for your guests to receive their meal and finish it before being brought the next plate.

7pm – Speeches

Don’t leave the speeches for too late in the night, because it’s highly likely your Groom and Best Man will be drinking! The order of speeches is traditions Father of the Bride, Groom and then Best Man.

8pm – Cake

If you’re serving cake as dessert, try and cut it earlier in the evening and serve it with coffee and tea.

2Jasmina and Noah’s wedding. Photography by Thierry Joubert.

8:30pm – Take the Dance Floor

After the cake, comes the first dance.

9pm – Party!

The night is now yours; enjoy it.

Main image from Lilian and Shunt’s wedding. Photography by Christopher George Photography.

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