The Bachelor Australia Began and Two Girls Wore the Same Dress!

Last nights Bachelor premiere left us in a whirlwind of emotions!

The last time we saw 30-year-old marketing manager Matty J, was when Georgia Love unceremoniously tore his heart out in front of the entire nation. Fast forward to last night’s episode of the Bachelor and Matty J has just become the most desirable man in Australia. And it comes to no surprise that over 7000 new contestants lined up to meet this years bachelor.

We met the all 20 of the girls that were hand-picked to steal Matty’s heart. However all the fancy tricks – the helium inhaling, rhythmic ribbon dancing and a cop car were nothing to the fact that two girls wore the SAME DRESS!

Both Jennifer and Leah wore the same dress, but in completely different colours. Jennifer’s white version had her looking like a bride-to-be whilst Leah’s black version left little to the imagination. And despite this difference Jennifer thought her rival had totally ripped off her style.

Fairies what do you think? Got a favourite yet?

Leah in the Black, sheer version.

Jennifer in the white version.

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