The Bachelor 2017: Matty J’s Rejection in Front of the Nation!

It’s only been the second episode of the Bachelor 2017 and boy aren’t we in for a treat! This season has already worked its way up to becoming one of the steamiest and most controversial yet!

Last nights episode began with the first one-on-one date and while every girl in the room was praying and hoping it would be her, Elora was the lucky pick! It’s undeniable that Matty J had his curiosity set on the first intruder Elora, as her elaborate fire performance in episode one wooed him over.

It’s not always romantic to be woken up at 5am, but assuming Elora’s excitement we’re sure she woke up just fine. After a slight difficult walk along the beach in heels Elora reached the boat that had been arranged for the date. Overall, we assume the date went well considering she walked back into the Bachelor Mansion with her very own rose!

the bachelor

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Date number two commenced with one of our favourites Lisa Carlton! A date organised to display Matty J’s sweet and thoughtful side no doubt, being that tennis is one of Lisa’s favourite sports. Playful laughter swept the date away, as Lisa’s down to earth personality shined through – also earning her a red rose!

the bachelor

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the bachelor

Matty J’s failed attempt at being romantic as Lisa smothered his face in whipped cream!

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Ah yes! The moment that stunned the nation and made the other contestant’s skin crawl! Leah was the lucky last and only girl who with a one-on-one shoot with Matty J. Although she wasn’t surprised by her opportunity, could she have possibly taken her confidence too far?

Misreading the situation Leah leaned in for a kiss that Matty J rejected! He deemed it ‘inappropriate’ considering the other girls were watching from the balcony above.

the bachelor

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