After the excitement of the Big Day, the honeymoon is a time to relax and unwind with your new husband. Brides are often still in ‘wedding planning’ mode all the way up until they board the flight, meaning often there’s some serious honeymoon prep-work that gets overlooked. Whether it’s as minor as forgetting to book a bikini wax or as major as forgetting the passport, here’s the ultimate honeymoon guide to avoid holiday havoc.

A – Ask A Friend

Before you leave, print out a copy of your itinerary for a friend or family member so that they can keep track of you in case something goes wrong. We also recommend visiting them with a bottle of champagne and a spare key and ask that they visit your home to collect mail and water plants while you’re away.

B – Book Now

Studies have found that the best and cheapest time to book flights is 54 days out from your trip. If you can’t book on day 54, you can still book 104 days to just 29 days in advance to your trip and expect to grab a bargain.

C – Camera

A camera is almost as essential as your passport on the honeymoon. Make sure you’ve got space on your memory stick and don’t forget the charger. If you’re planning on doing water activities like snorkelling, sailing or snowboarding, consider investing in a water-proof camera to get some extra special snaps.

D – Duty Free

One of the best perks of honeymooning overseas is the duty-free shopping that comes with it. Pack the credit card and stock up on perfume, cosmetics and accessories.

E – Exfoliate

Three days before you leave for your honeymoon, make a note in the diary to deflake yourself! Whether you use an at-home scrub, or head out to your local spa for a full-body exfoliation, this is a must-do.

F – Flights

For domestic flights, you must check-in at least one hour before departure and for international flights, it’s at least three hours.

G – Global Roaming

Avoid expensive mobile phone bills and check the fees associated with using your mobile overseas. If it looks costly, consider buying an international SIM card.


If you’re planning on wearing a bikini, but are self-conscious about cellulite, HYPOXI is a must. A scientifically-proven weight-loss and skin toning machine, it can take inches of your stomach, hips, butt and thighs in under six weeks.

I – Injections

To travel to some overseas destinations, vaccinations are essential. Research the countries you and your beau are visiting and head to your local GP to get a jab.

J – Jumpsuit

Seriously, ladies; if you haven’t yet embraced the versatility of a jumpsuit, now’s the time. A well-cut jumpsuit can take you from day to night (just add heels) and is a breeze to pack.

K – Kids

If you and your beau already have children, make sure you delegate a baby-sitter well in advance to the departure date (hello, Grandma)! On another note, if you’re hoping to avoid hordes of children on your travels, don’t book your trip during school holidays.

L – Luggage

Get your luggage travel-ready by decorating the outside with something bright and unique that will make it stand-out on the airport carousel.

M – Money

Calculate how much you plan on spending and organise foreign money before you leave. Exchanging money at the airport will leave you out of pocket and can be stressful.

N – Name Drop

This is a sneaky Wedded Wonderland tip. Mentioning that you’re on your honeymoon will guarantee special treatment (and maybe even an upgrade or two)!

O – Orate

Going to another country? It’s a good idea to learn some of the language basics. ‘Yes’, ‘no’, ‘thank-you’ and ‘toilet’ are always a good start.

P – Passport

If you’re heading overseas, check that there are at least six months remaining on your passport, otherwise you can’t travel abroad. If you have left it to the last minute and need a replacement, you can pay a priority fee to have a new one delivered in 48 hours.

Q – Queues

Be prepared to encounter queues if you’re visiting tourist attractions. Research these attractions before you leave, as some offer pre-booking so that you don’t have to line up for hours on the day.

R – Road Trip

You’ll likely be spending a fair few hours travelling to and from your destination so don’t forget all the traditional road trip goodies like books, magazines, tunes and lollies.

S – Skin Care

You’ve kept such a great skincare regime in the months leading up to the wedding, so don’t let it lapse over the honeymoon. Pack travel size bottles of your favourite cleanser, toner and moisturiser, wear sunscreen daily and check what products the spa manager uses before indulging in a facial.

T – Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must. Not only will it give you piece of mind, but it will also save you the financial loss that comes from losing your luggage, or worse, losing your wedding rings!

U – Universal Adaptor

Purchase a universal convertor that you can use across the globe to charge your phone, laptop and camera.

V – Visas

To visit most overseas countries, you’ll need a valid visa. To enter some counties, all it requires is a simple form on arrival, but for others it’s a more lengthy process. Research and apply for visas at least a month before leaving for your honeymoon.

W – Water

In many countries, tap water isn’t drinkable. Research this before your trip so there aren’t any faux pas that result in a nasty bout of traveller’s tummy.

X – X-Rated

It’s your honeymoon, you’re entitled to bring along some sexier lingerie. Our tip? Don’t pack them in the carry on; it can get really awkward if your bag gets searched at the airport…

Y – Yahoo

Whatever search engine you use, make sure to do some serious research on the destination, its climate and traditions; this will help you immensely when it comes to packing.

Z – Zzzzzzs

You’re going to be exhausted on your honeymoon, especially if you leave straight after the wedding day. Bear this in mind and don’t book a full schedule of sight-seeing when you first arrive at your destination.

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