Ahh, the age of social media. It’s a great way to keep up-to-date with your friends, create mood boards for your Wedding and keep on top of the latest Wedding trends (thanks, Wedded Wonderland), but there is a such thing as ‘overshare’.

Leading up to the Wedding, Brides can be guilty of pester-posting and not only can it lead to some serious un-friending action, but it can also offend your friends and family.

Brides, whatever you do, don’t succumb to these Facebook posts!

1. The Engagement Announcement

We know that the moment he pops the question, you’ll be wanting to announce it to the world, but don’t post it on Facebook (or any other social media outlet) until you’ve let your family know.

2. The Wedding Whinge

We know that planning you Wedding is stressful, but if you start posting ‘poor me’ because your chef can’t get access to the hand-picked organic Icelandic strawberries you want to serve or your stylist can’t find the exact shade of white you wanted for the centrepieces. – #FirstWorldProblems

3. The Snapchat Story

If you want to post a play by play of your Engagement Party, first fight with your other half as a fiancé or the appointment with your celebrant, use Snapchat. Publishing your entire Wedding story on Facebook can easily annoy your Facey friends.

4. The Countdown

Those little apps that create a countdown of the days/hours/seconds until your Wedding are great fun and perfect for keeping you on track, but not everyone on your Facebook feed needs constant reminders that it’s only 1 year, 4 months, 15 days, 8 hours and 54 seconds until your Big Day.

5. The Rant

Whether it be with an overly excited Mother-In-Law, a very unhelpful Groom or an annoying Guest, we guarantee that in the lead up to your Wedding, there will be at least one issue. Do not (we repeat, do no), rant about this on Facebook. Once it’s on cyber space, you can never take it back.

6. The Pinterest Board

The occasional Wedding inspo post is totally fine, but if you’re bombarding your Facebook feed with photos of exactly what your Wedding will look like, not only will it get irritating, but your guest won’t have any surprises on the Big Day!​

Main image from Natalie and Arthur’s Wedding with Nat and her Bridesmaids showing how to nail a <totally acceptable> Wedding selfie!
Photography by Siempre 

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