One of the things about a Wedding that no-one warns you about is the fact that you and your new fiancé will probably disagree on <almost> everything. You’ll learn about compromise and how to disagree peacefully (after a lot of trial and error), but you’ll also come out of it a stronger and more stable couple.

We’ve put together the five most common arguments you’ll have with your partner in the lead up to the Big Day so you can get yourself prepared.

1. Budget

Ahh, the age old problem of money. The Wedding will most likely put a financial strain on the two of you as you negotiate how much to spend, what to spend it on and whether to ask the parents to contribute. It’s a tough conversation, but it’s best to get this out of the way as early into the planning process as possible. Make time after dinner one night, arm yoursleves with a glass of wine and nut out all of the costs in one sitting.

2. The Guest List

Navigating the guest list can be another point of conflict between couples. He might be wanting a max of 100 guests, whereas you can even narrow down your girl squad to below 98. The most important thing is to keep the Wedding in perspective; it’s about you marrying your soulmate, not how many (or how few) guests are there.

3. His Lack of Involvement

The Bride is generally the one making all the decisions; trying to find the perfect linen to complement the florals and coordinating the suppliers. It can get frustrating when you devote so much time and effort into something, but when you ask the Groom for his opinion, he just shrugs and says ‘I don’t care’. The trick is to understand what he’s interested in and delegate Wedding-related tasks that he’ll enjoy. If he’s a foodie, ask him for input on the menu and drinks list. If he loves music, ask him to research entertainment options.

4. Past Girlfriends

If you’re having a big Wedding, it’s highly possible that your Groom or his parents will want to invite one of his old flames. Whether it’s a high school crush or a family friend who he dated for a week, it will likely make you uncomfortable. Talk it through with your fiancé and make your feelings known.

5. The Family

Family will no-doubt try and have input into the Wedding Day and it’s generally done with good intentions, but it can be an added stress – especially when the Mother-in-Law has an opinion about everything! The best way to broach family disagreements is to discuss the issue with your fiancé and make sure you take a united stand, when you bring it up with the offending party.

Image from Nastasia and John’s Wedding. Photography by Aljosa Videtic.

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