Bridal trends are picked up from all around the world, but at the moment, it seems all of the makeup looks are coming directly from the leading ladies of Hollywood.

To find out what the celebs are doing right now, we spoke with LA-based makeup artist to the stars, Lilit Cardanian to get the 5 hottest trends rocking the red carpet.

1. Contour

This look has gone from being one that’s only achievable with the help of an experienced makeup artist, to one that women can wear every single day. The trick is to create a natural contour, so that you’ll have people guessing whether your cheekbones really are that sharp. Using a subtle contour also photographs better, as there aren’t any ‘zebra stripe’ lines. When choosing product to contour with, opt for one shade darker and one shade lighter than your actual skin tone and foundation colour – anything more than that and it will look fake.

2. Lashes

Falsies are every girl’s must-have. They make such a difference to your look and give you a flirty dreamy-eyed finish. False lashes are on the peepers of almost every Hollywood starlet and not just for the red carpet events! For daily wear, you can choose individual lashes, which are super easy to apply; or for an extra special event, go all out with a strip of lashes, just make sure you use some nail scissors to cut them to the fit the size of your eye.

3. Shimmer

We’re not talking 70s-style gold glitter, but a soft white, peach or cream shimmer on the highest points of your cheekbone (just under your eye socket) will give you glowing ‘I just got a facial’ skin. Take some of the same shimmer and place a dot near your tear duct (on the inside corner of your eye) to make your eyes appear bigger, then finish with a sweep along the brow bone (just under the eyebrow).

4. Matte Shadows

Matte colours are making a comeback and top of the hit list is eyeshadows. Ladies, throw away the glittery shadows and opt for flat browns and neutrals. Keeping the shimmer just to the cheeks will give you a more natural look and leaves the drama for your smoky eyes. Also, a matte eye photographs far better, as the flash doesn’t catch on the bits of shimmer, leaving the camera free to capture all of the emotion in your eyes.

5. Dark Natural Lips

Dark brown and tan lips were a huge trend in the 90s, made popular by Clueless, Cindy Crawford and Courtney Love and it’s back! Lilit recommends picking a lipstick and a liner that are a few shades darker than your natural lip colour and with a little more brown or taupe, than pink. This way you’re less likely to overdo it.

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