We all know that leading up to the wedding day, your Dad’s going to have a few responsibilities (corny jokes about the price of Wedding dresses not included), but on the Big Day, what do you need to brief him on?

To make it easy, we’ve listed the four main ‘on the day’ responsibilities that your other main-man has!

1. The Big Walk

The first and most obvious responsibility is when your father will guide you down the aisle to meet your future husband. This can be an emotional time for the two of you as he symbolically leads you to the man he’ll trust to love and protect you from now on. If you’re having a rehearsal dinner (where you can all do a mock walk-through of the Wedding day), make sure you give him the music, so he can get an idea of how fast you’ll both be walking down the aisle. Also, let him know that at the end of the aisle, he can choose to give you a kiss and a hand-shake or hug the Groom before he takes his allocated seat in the church.

2. The Speech

This is your Dad’s time to shine and he’s probably been preparing for it for the last two decades. During the reception, it’s tradition for the father-of-the-Bride to thank guests from coming as well as talking about the Bride (including embarrassing stories from her childhood). He should finish with a toast to the new couple. Before your Wedding, make sure you give your Dad a vague time limit (if you need him to stick to a schedule) and let him know if there are any ‘no-go’ topics.

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3. The Dance

Another time for Dad to shine! The father-daughter dance is always a favourite and while some may opt for a choreographed routine to Michael Jackson, others may decide to take it slow, but whatever you do, make sure the tissues are close by! Before the Big Day, let your father know what he song is, so he can get used to the idea, but it’s not a necessity to rehearse with your ‘daddy-dearest’ beforehand.

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4. The Goodbye

Historically, the father-of-the-Bride is the last person to leave the reception venue, thanking all the guests as they depart and making sure all valuables that are left behind are safe.

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