Most Brides couldn’t imagine walking down the aisle without their Bridesmaids and Maid-of-Honours by their side. Throughout the planning process, there are so many guides and checklists created specifically for our favourite girls (click here for our very own MoH checklist), but not much is spoken about this particular subject.

It’s something that so many Bridesmaids do and, although they think they’re doing the right thing at the time, it can end up ruining their friendship with the Bride.

The biggest mistake a Bridesmaid can make is saying ‘yes’ to everything.

From the Bridesmaid gown they can’t afford to the Wedding appointments they commit to (but then end up skipping their niece’s 1st birthday or their own anniversary), our ‘Maids too often feel like they can’t say ‘no’.

Brides: make it clear that you won’t get offended if your besties can’t be there for every pre-Wedding occasion.

Bridesmaids: be honest with your main girl. Not only will she appreciate it, but it means you won’t have any pent up resentment after the Wedding.

Main image from Eliesha and Raj’s Wedding. Photography by John Benavente Photography.

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