Whether you’re a guest at a wedding, or you’re the bride at the main event, taking a wedding selfie is a ‘must’. You’re all dolled up, wearing a killer pair of shoes (no pain, no gain) and have poured yourself into your tightest Spanx. You look damn fine, but how is your Great-Aunt Ruth, ex-boyfriend, high-school frenemy and overseas relative ever going to know unless you post on social media?


There’s more that goes into a wedding selfie than just sucking in your stomach and pouting your lips; so to get the 411 on how to take you wedding selfie from idle to viral, we sat with the team from Social Playground. These are Australia’s selfie experts (sexperts?) and they’ve answered all your most pressing photo questions.

WW: What are the ‘wedding selfie’ rules and how are these different from any other party?

Social Playground: The wedding selfie is refined, classic and chic. Keep your duck face for the nightclub, because the wedding sefie is about showing off your polished makeup, your outfit and your enjoyment of the day! Nobody wants to see you awkward-leaning in the bathroom.

WW: Why is lighting important in a selfie and how can you find the best light?

Social Playground: Lighting is always key to a great photo whether that’s at a wedding or any party! Natural light offers the best results; find a spot with the sun behind the camera (or in front of you) Sunset or dusk provides the most flattering light for a stunning selfie result! Otherwise, if in a darker room, ensure you use the flash and the features on your smart phone to maximise your selfie potential.

WW: What are a few fool-proof posing options?

Social Playground: The absolute fool-proof posing/selfie trick is to laugh – laughing always delivers the best pose because the outcome is a natural shot and you’ll always end up giggling for real because everyone’s fake laughs
are hilarious!

WW: Should you angle the camera up, down or straight on?011_SocialPlayground

Social Playground: Depending on your face shape have a play around with angles. If you have a wider, short face then always shoot from above. I have a long face and this angle makes me look like an alien.  It’s all about what works for you. If straight on make you look like Cara Delavigne – then go for that!

WW: What’s the deal with the hashtag? Why is it important to use one?

Social Playground: Tagging your photos enables users to find your picture on Instagram, without it – it’s just on your page. Hashtagging enables you to get more followers with similar interests to your own.  This is so important if a bride is collecting all the images, as using a hashtag will allow her to view all the wedding snaps from her big day!

WW: What’s Social Playground and why is it a must-have at a wedding?

Social Playground: Social Playground’s Live Instagram Printer is the modern take on the photo-booth for the modern couple who want something different! No queuing, with unlimited reprinting you can take photos anywhere at the venue, you control the filter, who’s is in it. No cheesy props! It is a must have at your wedding to print all your shots from the big day. Every shot taken and hash tagged will print in less than 20 seconds! We also start capturing photos from the morning of your big day so at your reception print out all the snaps from behind the scenes. Magic!

Social Playground is currently running a competition to win the Instagram Printer at your wedding. Head to their Instagram page @socialplaygrnd to find out how to enter!

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