Surprise elements in Food and Dessert to consider for your Wedding Day

When it comes to your Wedding food, it’s easy to feel underwhelmed by dishes you’ve seen a hundred times over. You want to start your big day with delicious food and serve your guests something special, right? To help spark inspiration we’ve listed Wedding menu items and desserts that are anything but basic!

Grazing stations:

Let’s be real, the last thing you’ll be thinking about is food on the morning of your big day because of all the butterflies and nerves. You absolutely have to eat something substantial to have enough energy to get you through the day, and having a grazing station is the perfect option! Grazing tables are not only aesthetically pleasing in photos, you will also always find something you like to eat! Add everything your heart desires to your grazing table; fruits, cold meats, cheeses, finger food… the possibilities are endless! Have a look below at the amazing grazing set ups by Grazing Figs, they’ll be sure to make your mouth water!

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A taste of authenticity:

Is there anything better than having food at your Wedding authentic to your heritage? Having food you have been eating all your life at your Wedding or event makes your day so much more special, you’re bringing a taste of tradition to your celebration. Al Aseel Restaurants provide you a taste of authentic Lebanese cuisine, delivering a bespoke and delicious experience for you and your guests. For our lovers of Lebanese food, this unique culinary experience is for you!

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Live food stations:

What better way to keep your guests both entertained and fed than with live food stations at your reception. Navarra offers you experiences like no other, food is their passion! Offering both dessert and savoury live food stations, the Navarra experience will take your guests around the world with authentic flavours. Certain stations offer to greet and prepare the meals for your guests, while their antipasto bars include props and styling to showcase your selections. These experiences are definitely the surprise element that will have your guests talking!

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Desserts to have you drooling:

Gone are the days where your Wedding cake is the only dessert served at your Wedding. Times are definitely more delicious and exciting, especially with Shared Affair Catering! Their desserts are the perfect finale to any event, whether you want to surprise your guests with doughnut walls or mason jar desserts, these sweet treats are always a crowd pleaser!

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Wedding cakes that will have you in tiers:

One of the biggest elements of your celebration is your Wedding cake, not only do all of your guests have a slice, but it is also a tradition symbolising good fortune and commitment! Your cake can be flavoured to whatever your taste buds desire, it is only natural that the outside of your cake reflects your chosen Wedding theme. Whether you’re wanting a cake more traditional, on par with current trends or a creative masterpiece, our talented Suppliers Little White Bakes and Soso Baked create beautifully designed cakes bespoke to you and will have your guests wanting more!

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Our Wedded World Suppliers have not only given you delicious catering options, they have also given offers exclusive to you! Download our Little White Book to explore these offers and find out more.

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