What are you passionate about?
On the surface, it would be easy to say that I’m passionate about photography- it’s my career and it’s what I do for a living. But my passion goes deeper than that. What really drives me is the love that is evident in my images and the memories I capture for our brides and their families. The genuine connections and lasting friendships I make along my journey is what fires me up the most.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
I believe inspiration can be found with every interaction and everywhere you look. For me, I get most inspired when I’m traveling and meeting new people. Something about new experiences and places ignites a spark in me. I get the best ideas when I’m moving around the world and making new connections.

Describe your ideal bride. What kind of wedding is she after?
My ideal bride is bold, seeks adventure and is a lover of food and friendships. She is a seeker of beauty and all things non-traditional. She never needs an excuse to throw her hands up and celebrate life. Her wedding is one-of-a-kind. It’s bold about celebrating her and her beloved’s unique style, threaded with the family bonds, love and beauty that surrounds them.

For more information on Kismis Ink and for additional images, see the Kismis Ink Directory Listing.

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