What are you passionate about? What keeps you going?
As a bridal makeup and hairstyling duo, we are passionate about making our brides feel beautiful inside and out on their wedding day. As women and brides, we often have various concerns or insecurities ranging from dry skin to thinning hair, just to name a few. We thrive on working with our clients to create looks that both flatter and enhance their unique and beautiful features. We are constantly motivated by supporting and assisting our brides in seeing their true beauty. Let’s face it, we all have our imperfections. We believe it’s about bringing out your best features, along with a few tricks of the trade to create flawless hair and makeup looks catered to each individual bride.

Describe your best experience with a bride?
We have had so many memorable moments and experiences that come along with sharing one of the most special days in a women’s life. Our most cherished experiences are the moments as our bride eagerly awaits seeing her finished hair and makeup. It’s the overwhelming joy and gratitude she feels when she sees her reflection in the mirror and cannot believe how stunning and radiant she looks on her special day. It’s usually followed by “wow, oh my gosh, thank you so much.” We feel very privileged to work in an industry that allows us to turn our passion for makeup and hair into making our brides’ dreams come to life – her own real life fairytale. Above all, we want each of our brides to feel like she is the most beautiful woman that ever walked down the aisle.

What or who is your biggest inspiration?
As beauty creatives, we are inspired by each client’s bridal vision and wedding theme. We want to create hair and makeup looks that are complimentary to the bride and overall feel of their wedding. We are often inspired by even the smallest details from a bride’s head piece, flowers or wedding dress to the colour pallet, venue or style of their wedding. This inspiration is what motivates and enables us to advise our clients and collaborate to bring their dreams into reality. This helps us to create hair and makeup looks that are a true reflection of their inner and outer beauty.

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