What do you really want brides to know about your business?
I have spent many years perfecting haute couture techniques. I want brides to know that when I am designing a gown for them, they are getting the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. I am committed to using only the finest materials in my work. I use traditional needle craft techniques, moulage and tambour beading when creating a collection. As a designer I am constantly working on the loom to create new beading designs for clients. I love the process of collaboration between the bride and the designer that comes with a bespoke service. You end up pushing the boundaries of concept and design beyond the expected.

What are you passionate about? What keeps you going?
I am extremely passionate about design and the creative process. I am always looking at new techniques and possibilities for my designs. I will often work late into the night if I have just come up with a new beading design. It is a sort of impatience to see the finished product as my mind has envisioned it. I have a need to see the vision realised before I go to bed for the night! I suppose in a sense it is this constant urge to make my dreams and thoughts a reality that keeps me going.

What is trending in weddings now and how are you translating that in your business and product offerings?
I try not to think too much about what is trending as my design process is very organic and so many things are constantly inspiring me. If I were to impose restrictions on the creative process by trying to fit in with trends I would feel a little stifled. Having said that, designers instinctively get a feeling of the mood of the time and I think we create with that in mind. This year, I had some blush gowns in my collection as well as a subtle dove grey. Colour is a big trend in bridal at the moment from soft pastels to more vibrant hues and it’s nice to be able to have that to offer for the less traditional bride. I have also noticed more of my brides are less inclined to wear veils and want a custom headpiece instead to make a statement. As a result I have expanded my offerings in this area and created a collection of bridal accessories and headpieces to meet this demand.

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