Summer wedding? 15 things every maid-of-honour needs to pack in the bridal survival kit

Summer weddings are some of the prettiest; think: gorgeous weather, stunning backdrops and dreamy skin-baring gowns; however with the soaring temperatures comes a whole new set of bridal problems – think sweating, smudging and dehydrating.

Maid-of-honours, take note, here’s everything you need to pack for your summer bride!

1. Water

Every bride needs to carry her large wedding gown in nearly 40 degree heat. Make sure to keep hydrated on your best friend’s big day, because if you don’t it may end in disaster.

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2. Band-Aids and Eye-Drops

Do not let allergies from the Summer time get the best of you or your bride on her special day, bring eye drops and some Band-Aids just in case.

3. Cool Snacks

Brides will cry due to the stress that they are put under, it is good to pack some comfort food! For summer, consider cooling and hydrating snacks like mints, cucumber and carrot sticks or ice-blocks. It may seem like something small but it will definitely help in the long run.

4. Sewing Kit

The biggest disaster a bride will encounter is when someone accidentally steps on her train and it rips. Keep a sewing kit just in case of this mishap.

5. Panadol

If wedding mishaps such as a torn dress, caterer not arriving and the flowers are the wrong shade of pink, this will definitely set tension levels through the roof.

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6. Mouthwash or Breath-Mints

Maybe that twice cooked fish was an excellent meal but just be mindful of the bride’s breath. If it smells a bit fishy, give her a couple of Tic-Tacs.

7. Razor

Every woman sometimes forget to shave their legs or arms, so carry a razor just in case she needs to remove any unwanted hair.

8. Moisturiser

Brides want silky smooth legs for her special day and a good tip is to bring your fave moisturiser.

9. Hair Ties

With the bride’s hair down all day, they just want to put their hair in a messy bun and dance to some classic hits with her best friends and new husband.

10. Lip-Balm or Lip-Gloss

You cannot have chapped lips when you are on a date so why have it when you are getting married?

11.Safety Pins

Those days where nothing goes right, it is ideal to bring a few safety pins just in case your dress rips and you are not able to sew it together.

12. Bobby Pins

Your brides beautifully done hair loosens because of the humidity outside in the Summer time, what do you do? Simple, grab a few bobby pins before you leave and neatly place them in back to her usual hairdo.

13. Deodorant

December weddings are perfect, they are right in the midst of summer and you are guaranteed a bright sunny day. However, this does also come with a smelly cost. Don’t let yourself or your bride stick up the reception hall, spray a few spritz of deodorant so she smells beautiful all day.

14. Comfortable Flats

Wearing heels for more than 7 hours can be tiring. Bring a spare of comfortable shoes to dance the night away without aching feet.

15. Phone Charger

Pictures capture memories and you do not want your battery dying on you when you and the wedding squad are just about to take the iconic selfie. Bring a charger with you, just in case you spent too long taking photos of the delicious wedding cake, you want to devour.

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Images from Andrew and Shaquana’s wedding. Photography by Petronella Lugemwa

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