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Bridgerton Wedding

Few productions capture romance (or our hearts!) quite like Netflix’s Bridgerton. And if you haven’t binged seasons one, two or three, you need to get on it—stat! 


And nothing gets us more exciting than Bridgerton weddings—spoiler, that’s the entire point of each season.

While most of us weren’t born into royalty, that doesn’t stop us from falling in love with the characters and dreaming of a love story set in the centuries past. Nicola Coughlan, who plays Penelope Featherington, wore a bridal gown to the season three premiere, hinting that we would get plenty of wedding ideas from the Bridgerton family in season three.


Thanks to this Bridgerton Effect, when a couple came to Nguyen Thi My Dung from Royal Swans Events seeking an ethereal aesthetic for their own swoon-worthy love story, he knew a Bridgerton-themed wedding would tick all the boxes.

Bridgerton Wedding
Image via Netflix

“Hoang and Phu wanted to have a royal garden theme with classic and timeless design, from there Royal Swans developed the original idea to be a real wedding with a Bridgerton vibe.”

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A Bridgerton-inspired wedding calls for nature, the most lush florals, gold accents, and every other typical extravaganza from the Regency period. But, to translate a wedding idea inspired by a series while capturing the same sentiment, can be challenging, particularly indoors.


We chatted to Dung about his magical strategy behind turning the venue into a Royale Garden.

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The Wedding Reception

The wedding concept allowed Royal Swans’ team to play with elegant stationery and robust furniture. After all, is there anything that defines “Bridgerton” or “Regency era” better than traditional paper notes to add a personalized and romantic touch?

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“For welcome along the hallway, we used well-trimmed shrubs infused with white rose, rows of cypress to mimic the chateau driveway, and welcomed the guests with a classic-designed banner with dangling tassels. Guests’ notes were pinned on moss boards, lucky money box is in a neoclassic style shape.”

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“For the backdrop, a modern and romantic gazebo was placed at the end of the hallway surrounded with endless flowers in front and back. The gazebo itself was created using sheer panel with Neoclassic pattern. The back of the photo backdrop we setup a printed wall using a hand-drawn painting of a driveway to make the space continue.”

The Aisle

The grand setup was designed to leave the guests in awe when the bride walked down the aisle, transforming the space into a true Bridgerton ball, the wedding planner explains. There was no such thing as too many ornate objects or too many roses. The abundance of flowers contributed to an even more romantic atmosphere.

DSC03786 copy

“Again well-trimmed shrubs were designed in maze shape to cover both sides of the aisle, this time with more flowers. Top with a row of crystal chandeliers – bringing the ball mood into this space, each chandelier is spaced with a sheer panel to make the space go deeper in layers. The idea to make the bride walk so grand, amazed all the guests witnessing the ceremony.”


DSC04006 copy

“The stage is the main grand area, where we use more pink than green, to emphasize the difference between the welcome and the ballroom mood. The sheer panels were designed to be bigger and layered to bring the atmosphere of standing in a ballroom with a high ceiling. To repeat the garden theme, we used cypress in different sizes, leaving the main middle space for the logo.”














“The wedding cake table is also designed using the same elements and material to unite with the whole Bridgerton theme concept.”

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DSC03799 copy

In Hoang & Phu’s regal celebration, the bride and the groom gave full trust in the creation process regarding the wedding day.

“We were able to propose what we believed would work best for them. For the design, we love how the pinkest sheer panel—a modern touch—works so well with the classic green royal garden, everything seems to fall into each other and create a smooth, dedicated, sophisticated Bridgerton vibe.”

DSC03876 copy

From observing rising trends in fashion and interior design, Dung believes the wedding scene in 2025 will move in several exciting directions. His predictions include monotone and mono-flower themes to make bold, characteristic statements. Fine art and dramatic sculptured designs add a sophisticated touch.


Art Nouveau, which started creeping into wedding styles at the beginning of 2024, will continue to bloom in 2025, he forecasts. Stripes and checkered patterns in vibrant colors will also become popular. Additionally, expect silver elements to bring a sleek, elegant, and fashionable aesthetic to wedding ceremonies.

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About Royal Swans

Based in Vietnam and Southern California, Royal Swans was founded in 2013 by Nguyen Thi My Dung and has quickly become one of the top event companies in Vietnam. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, your child’s first birthday, or a home redecoration, Royal Swans treats every occasion equally unique and special, with the utmost importance. The company is well-known for transforming an ordinary wedding venue into a mind-blowing and memorable spectacle.

When Is Bridgerton Season 4 Coming Out?

The third season of Bridgerton has barely launched, yet fans are already pressing producers to reveal the release date for the fourth season, eager to see the development of their favorite characters. However, Jess Brownell, the showrunner, isn’t optimistic about launching a new season anytime soon.

Bridgerton Wedding
Image via Netflix

“I’ll be honest, yearly [release] is probably out of the cards. This is such a giant production. It is like making eight short feature films, just in terms of how many storylines we have to write, and then the production obviously is an enormous undertaking. We are doing everything in our power to start releasing seasons more quickly, but once a year might be a hard target to hit.”



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