Every girl wants to look amazing on her wedding day or at least like a better version of herself. We’ve all been to a wedding where the bride looks nothing like herself. That’s not to say she doesn’t look beautiful, but she looks like a completely different person.

We totally understand you want to look your absolute best on your wedding day, but you also don’t want people showing up late and thinking “Yikes, wrong wedding!” Or even worse, have your groom stand next to you thinking, “Is that really her under all that tulle, eyeliner and hairspray? Help! I’m marrying a character from Priscilla Queen of the Desert!”

Stay true to your personal style when you’re sorting out your wedding day style with these quick and simple tips.

There’s no need to make dramatic changes on your wedding day. If your friends have never seen your boho waves pulled back into a pony tail, it doesn’t make sense to wear your hair in a tight slick bun. If you never even wear mascara, your wedding day isn’t the time to experiment with a smokey eye.


You will feel more comfortable in a hair and makeup style that represents you rather than a dramatic prom queen. Instead, aim to create a more polished version of your everyday look, without going overboard.

Yes high heels are sexy and yes the majority of us could do with a little extra height. But if you’re a flats kinda girl, wearing a pair of sky-high heels you can’t walk in is not a good idea. Wearing high heels is meant to be sexy, but there’s nothing sexy about walking around like a newborn calf.

wedding shoe


Stick to footwear you feel confident to walk and dance in. If you’re worried about getting sore feet, take a pair of extra shoes for the after party.

Your dress
If you’re more conservative on a normal day, why would you get your goodies out for the world to see just because it’s your wedding day? If your style is elegant and chic, follow that mantra through to your wedding day.

wedding dresses

You’ll look and feel more you in a beautiful high cut dress with a low scoop back than one with a neckline so low your belly button is on display. Don’t feel the need to cheapen your look because you want to look sexy. Remember, less is more.

Wedding photos can be super awkward anyway, but even more so if you don’t know what you want. You could be a fun and outgoing couple and still have wedding photos like Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Stiff, lifeless and beige.


Meet with your photographer a couple of times before the wedding. This will let them get a feel for what kind of couple you are and exactly what pictures you’re after. It will also help you avoid the awkward silence when your photographer asks you to jump on your groom’s back for a piggy back ride.

And finally, what could make or break your wedding….

The music
Are you and your partner the party animals of the group? Do you love a good dance and waving your hands in the air like you just don’t care? Your guests will know this and expect all that and more.

music note


So if you start playing Frank Sinatra or Barbara Streisand, don’t be surprised when your dance floor is suddenly empty. Keep it real. Yes you should take into consideration the older guests, but don’t forget to let your personalities shine through.

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