Spoiler Alert! Matt Agnew’s Final Four Bachelor Girls Have Been Revealed

We’re nearing the end of Bachelor Matt’s journey to finding love with hometown visits right around the corner. With five ladies remaining in the competition, it is anyone’s game to steal the heart of the Bachelor.

Each of the remaining contestants are showing huge potential, and each week is proving harder for our Matt to decide what he is feeling and for who.

Recent images released by WHO.com.au show that the final four still in the running for the crowning rose are Abbie Chatfield, Chelsie McLeod, Helena Sauzier and Emma Roche .

Some may believe that this is an obvious choice, as the pictured ladies have been considered front-runners since the start of the series, however it is definitely a shock to find out that favourite Elly Miles does not make the cut.

The upcoming episode will without a doubt take an emotional side when Matt has to farewell the fan-favourite nurse from the competition on Wednesday night. Ladies and gents, prepare the tissue box, things may get a little sniffly.

Soon after the ceremony, the top four ladies still in the running will take Matt to their hometown and introduce him to their family and friends. Previous series at hometown visits tend to expose the top contenders with the bachelor witnessing the girl’s in their most comfortable environment.

So who will win the Bachelor’s heart? Check out the leaked pics and tell us who you think Matt seems to be gushing over more at hometown visits.

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