Six women get revenge on man who booked all of them in for a date on the same night

Proving that multitasking is best left to a pro (aka women), one man has gotten his just desserts after booking six dates in one night  – at the same bar.

45 minutes into her date with the serial lothario, date number one Lisette Pylant realised the pair had been gate crashed by the man’s second date. The office manager began live tweeting the entire debacle, explaining that old mate had decided to friend zone her to avoid any awkwardness. Despite his best efforts, Lisette filled in no.2 when Casanova left the table (we’re just as confused about his intelligence as you are).

Not long after this revelation, number three showed up, with Lisette convincing the latest pair to ‘leave together to go get drinks and dinner at another bar and leave homeboy with the bill.’

Shortly after leaving, the trio got a text from the old place’s bartender who told them a FOURTH woman had just arrived.

Lisette, Katie (no.2), and Riley (no.3) marched back to save no.4, just so happening to intercept no.5 while they were at it. The girls decide to stick around, because who knows how many lucky ladies this guy has lined up, before realising IT’S NOT OVER YET BECAUSE NO.6 JUST SHOWED UP. Ol’ lady killer finally realises after MULTIPLE HOURS that everyone hates him and decides to show himself out, with the ladies toasting his exit and staying back at the bar to just be awesome.

Lisette later tweeted, “You win some, you lose some – but hopefully you make three new best friends in the process. Cheers ladies, don’t f*** with us”.

And the guy? Apparently he’s a project manager, which means he manages his time “very efficiently”.

In an interview with Inside Edition, ‘Project Manager’ admitted to often stacking his dates at the same venue, before informing all us lucky ladies that there’s a difference between ‘drinks’ and ‘a date’.

“I never said, ‘Let’s go on a date.’ I always say, “Let’s meet for drinks.”

“If I take you on a date, you will know it’s a date. There will be flowers and dinner and some other cool things involved.”

We’ll be sure to keep that in mind…

Image credits: Stefania Yarhi/Textstyles, Inside Edition, Lisette Payne/Twitter 


Article written by Alison Donnellan

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