So you have organised an amazing honeymoon with your partner. You’ll be travelling to destinations far and wide… that may be closer to home than you think!

Visiting relatives on the honeymoon is a question we receive quite often. Your honeymoon should be about you of course and after the stresses of planning your wedding… You deserve that break! But what happens if your dream honeymoon destination involves staying three blocks away from your uncle? Is there a polite way to say you don’t want to see him? Should you resort to blocking them on your social media out of fear they recognise where you took that picture?

In the end, it all depends how close you are and how willing you are to risk offending your relatives. Now, if we’re talking about a cousin you’ve never met, it might be okay. If we’re talking about your grandmother, well, you probably know the answer to that!

If you don’t want to hours recounting your wedding details, steer very clear of anywhere you have relatives living. At least then, the question can’t even come up. There’s nothing wrong with this of course – the honeymoon should revolve around the two of you as a couple!

If you do decide to kill two birds with one suitcase, that’s fine too but we recommend that you do set your limits. If you can, plan the time that you spend around relatives after you’ve had a little alone time. After the craziness of your wedding, make sure you have the opportunity to simply be together as a couple. This is your first chance to experience that newly wedded bliss and you should embrace it. Consider telling your relatives that there are certain days or times that you’ll be able to see them. We promise they’ll understand and it will let you experience the best of both words!

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