Should You Move in Before or After Your Wedding?

Moving in with that special someone is tricky business.

Making this choice must always be made as a couple. Of course, when it comes to your religious or cultural beliefs things may be a little different. However, if you are questioning whether moving in before or after marriage is a good idea, here are a few things you might want to consider!

Reasons for moving in before Marriage

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The Test has begun!

Moving in together is a fantastic way to get to know each other.

We like to think of it as a test. A couple might work great together in their own home or it could be a complete horror story. One person tends to be a clean-freak while the other is a slob. Learn to work as a team and compromise!

Living comfortably and peacefully with each other does take work and love. So, this test is a good idea before committing.

Financial Reasons

A possible reason is the fact some people can’t afford to live on their own any longer.

This is due to the cost of your extravagant Wedding. Even small weddings can cost a lot so living together before marriage can help save money.

When you move in together, there are bills which you need to pay. We suggest splitting the bills before the Wedding. Once the dust has settled, you can then have that dreaded money talk.

A little less Pressure

There will always be pressure when it comes to Weddings and marriages.

Most of us expect things to go perfectly and this is a ludicrous thing to think. When moving in together before the wedding, a couple can just settle in without stressing about packing afterwards. You can both get a good sense on how you function together and work on improving yourselves before things get complicated.

Pressure will automatically begin once you’ve set a standard on being the perfect wife or husband. We need you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

Reasons for moving in after Marriage

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Religious reasons

In the world, there are always restrictions!

Did you know that some individuals are prohibited from sharing a bed, let alone a house?

Nonetheless, there are still many people who’d rather follow their religious beliefs and wait until after they are married.

Something Special

When a couple decides to move in together after they are married, it’s always a little more special.

We think most couples choose this option more because it’s that feeling of excitement and anticipation!

Savour the Moment

Moving away is actually a sad moment!

Even if you are relocating two streets away, couples tend to wait until they move in together because they want to savour the last moments living with family.

A Bride will cry buckets of tears at the very thought of this, but life has to press on. Learn as much as you can from your parents before making the big move.

Trust us, you will be thanking them for years to come!

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